7 Halloween Games for Kids

Here are 7 Halloween games, perfect if you’re hosting a party or just want to have fun with your kids. Kids will not only love playing these games, but making the activities can be a fun learning experience as well.

Inexpensive Halloween Games

Cornhole Pumpkins

Pumpkin cornhole

via Rachel Ray

Get a few pumpkins of varying size and cut small, medium, and large holes in each. Paint the pumpkins and assign each of them a score value.

Bobbing for Doughnuts

via 11 Cupcakes

Bobbing for apples in hindsight sounds like a bowl filled with stagnant water, germs, and apples. Let’s try a safer/cleaner option. Hang donuts from a string and tie them up high so kids need to stretch or jump and grab them with their mouths.

‘Organ’ Feel Boxes

Feel box

via I’d Rather Be Writing

Gather up food of varying textures (slimy, squishy, wet) and put them in boxes that kids can reach into but can’t see. Label the boxes with body parts or ‘guts’. How creative can you get?

Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling

via Today’s Mama

What you’ll need: a couple-o-pumpkins! Hollow out the pumpkins and drill some holes. Make some spooky ghosts out of toilet paper rolls.

Build a Scarecrow


via The Queso

What you’ll need: old clothes, hay, wood, and a burlap bag. Kids will have fun decorating their scarecrow and stuffing the clothes with hay to form its arms, legs, and body.

Pin the Heart on the Skeleton


Via Montessoryworkjobs

Pin the tail on the donkey with a Halloween twist! Print out a large paper skeleton and cut out a brain or heart. Blindfold the kids and see who can get closest to the right spot!

Bat Hunt

 bat template via momvantage

Why does Easter get to have all the hunts? Get some black construction paper and cut out bats. Hide them around the house or yard and have a prize for whoever find the most bats.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can incorporate into your party, but we’re sure you have many more creative ideas. Be sure to share them in the comments!

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Image Credit – Abigail Batchelder / CC by 2.0

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