5 Best Friends We’ll Never Forget

Kids see their favorite character duos on TV shows and the big screen and will often admire the strong friendships represented in the stories. These characters can help our children learn how to treat others and handle conflicts they’ll experience in their own relationships. Their long-lasting friendships give kids hope that they can make it no matter what life throws at them. Celebrate the bond of friendship by revisiting some of the most popular BFFs.

[divider]Buzz and Woody[/divider]

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It’s safe to say that Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is Buzz and Woody’s anthem. Even though the two got off to a rough start when they initially met, they were able to settle their differences and find common ground within their shared love for Andy. By Toy Story 3, after they’d spent years and years together, Woody even sacrificed a life of becoming cherished childhood memorabilia so that he could spend more time with his best friend Buzz and their other pals. Together Buzz and Woody make a great team.

[divider]Bert and Ernie[/divider]

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Bert and Ernie were the only Muppets to appear in the first episode of Sesame Street. Initially, Jim Henson voiced the character of Bert and Frank Oz was the voice behind Ernie—but after a day of rehearsal, they switched character roles. Henson and Oz wanted to show viewers that people can have different characteristics and remain great friends. Like Bert and Ernie, Henson and Oz were also best buds. Even though these two Sesame Street friends constantly bump heads, their opposite personalities help to keep each other balanced.

[divider]Timon and Pumbaa[/divider]

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The meerkat and warthog duo, Timon and Pumbaa, complement each other perfectly with their witty one liners. Timon is a bit egotistical at times, but Pumbaa’s down-to-earth nature helps to level out their friendship and keep things upbeat. “Hakuna Matata” is their lifestyle motto. It stands for no worries, and that’s exactly how the BFF duo live their lives. Their free-spirited outlook on life helps to get them through their day-to-day challenges in the jungle and puts obstacles into perspective.

[divider]Ash and Pikachu[/divider]

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When Ash and Pikachu met for the first time, they didn’t exactly hit it off. During their meeting, they’re attacked by a flock of Spearow. Pikachu gets injured and Ash isn’t able to escape. After realizing his lack of options, Ash decides to stand up for Pikachu, and that’s when an eternal friendship is born. Pikachu is deeply moved by Ash’s selfless act and uses his Thundershock to defeat the flock of Spearow. I suppose sacrificing your life for someone else inevitably leads to an everlasting friendship, right?

[divider]Charlie Brown and Snoopy[/divider]

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy prove the truth in the saying that a dog is a boy’s best friend. Surprisingly, Charlie Brown’s oftentimes nervous personality meshes well with the confident Snoopy. The famous beagle is always there to lend a gentle, or sometimes not so gentle, nudge toward a decision that Charlie Brown is struggling with. On the other hand, Charlie is able to calm Snoopy and keep him grounded when he becomes overwhelmed.

Image: iStock – Cervia, Emilia Romagna, Italy: The Muppets Bert and Ernie Kites, Flying in the International Cervia Kite Festival, Artevento.

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