7 Great Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad

Smart phones have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it seems that almost everyone has one now. These devices enable a whole new way of learning on the go, using apps and games with an educational twist.

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post that listed several of the best educational Android apps, for those of you who have Android phones (like me)! As promised, I’m back today to share with you my list of the best educational apps for iOS, of which there are many.

Without further ado, here are the best educational apps for iPhone/iOS apps that made my list of favorites:

Disclaimer: As always, please read and understand an app’s descriptions, reviews and permissions before downloading. We cannot be held responsible for any apps downloaded from other developers in iTunes, so please exercise caution when installing new software on your phone or other device. Also, review the content of each app to ensure it’s appropriate for your child’s age. 

All links below will launch an iTunes preview. 

7 of the best educational apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. SkyView Free (Free)
    Similar to the Google Sky Map app that I shared for Android, SkyView Free uses augmented reality to display information about objects in the sky on your device’s screen. In addition to stars, constellations and planets, SkyView also allows you to view objects like satellites or the International Space Station. I have to admit, the graphics in this app beat Google Sky Map hands down.
  2. BrainPop Featured Movie (Free)
    BrainPop makes great animated movies about a variety of topics, with a new one coming out every day. Although you can view these on the web as well, you can now take them with you using your iPhone or iPad. Topics include Science, Math, Social Studies, Health and more.
  3. Math Bingo ($0.99)
    What better way to encourage a child to practice math than to turn it into a game? Math Bingo does just that, by offering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions alongside beautiful graphics and fun cartoon avatars.
  4. Kid Mode by Zoodles (Free)
    I also listed this app for Android, but since it’s free on both platforms I had to recommend it here as well. Kid Mode offers hundreds of fun, educational videos for kids 8 and under. Topics range from colors and animals all the way up to U.S. Presidents and periodic elements. This app really does have something for a wide range of ages.
  5. Brain Tuner Lite (Free)
    Brain Tuner is a fun math game for all ages. Although there is a free version, there is also a paid version with a global leaderboard, so your child can compare their scores to other Brain Tuner users from around the world.
  6. ESPN Spelling Bee Lite (Free)
    I’m a big sports fan, so this app caught my attention right away when I saw that it came from ESPN. Don’t let that fool you, thoughthis app is a real spelling bee which speaks a word out loud (voice provided by ESPN’s Trey Wingo) and can provide a word’s origin, definition, part of speech or have it spoken in a sentence. Another great app with a global leaderboard for the competitive kids out there.
  7. Stack the Countries Lite (Free)
    I’m a huge geography nut; it was always a favorite subject of mine. Stack the Countries Lite is a fun app that teaches country capitals, landmarks, locations and more. With more than 1,000 unique questions and awesome graphics, this is one of my favorite educational iOS apps. There is also a paid version for $1.99 with additional features like flash cards and additional bonus games.

This is just a sampling of the thousands of educational apps available in iTunes. If you have found other apps, I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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