Online School for Cats Soon to be a Reality

A cat’s intuitive curiosity means they have a natural love of learning. You may be surprised to discover that online schooling can be an ideal choice for a cat. They are always looking for new challenges. Statistics show that online learning helps feline students meet their true academic potential.

Without the proper learning outlet, that glowing spark of curiosity begins to grow dim. And without curiosity, how can your cat’s passion form? How can potential flourish? A cat’s bright future may be at risk. But there is another way. A better way. A new way that is changing the way our cats can experience life.

Cats thrive when they’re surrounded by a supportive environment that’s individualized to their strengths and needs. This provides them with the opportunity to learn, understand, grow, and succeed. It’s also an amazing April Fools opportunity!  So maybe there isn’t actually an online school for cats in the making. Let’s be honest, they’re already pretty smart the way they are, but what would life be like if we did offer nature’s devious pet an online education.

“Step aside human, I got this.”



 “School from home = All the cuddles and scratches!”


“I love this class, it’s purrrfect for me!”

WilfredSource – Mark Liddell

Keep forgetting your password? Just contact customer support.


“Do you mind?… I’m in class right now.”

8760178181_15a089bfaf_zSource – A.Davey

With online schooling, your cat will still be able to be involved with clubs, sports, activities, and cat shows.


You can plan your breaks from school work to enjoy a fancy feast.




But after all the challenging online classes, you are free to take the cat nap you deserve!

8010616311_661e3a2eb2_zSource – Takashi Hososhima

To find online public or private school options for human children, check out K12.

Featured Image – Wilson Afonso / CC by 2.0 

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