Fill Education Gaps with Individual Courses

More and more classes are disappearing from schools due to budget cuts and other factors. From physical education to art and music, course offerings seem to get whittled down each year.

Online individual courses — already popular for students who need to catch up, want to get ahead or are homeschooled — are a great option for filling these growing education gaps. K12 offers a full catalog of individual courses (also known as independent study courses) in a variety of subjects. And there are many offerings that go beyond basic academia that might not be available on a traditional school schedule.

Consider the following based on your child’s interests and talents!

For the reader

K12 World Readers Set is an engaging series of 12 illustrated readers that will allow your child to explore new topics, genres, and activities, all designed to stimulate the imagination and help your child develop a love of reading and learning. Each paperback volume contains up to 50 pages of exhilarating tales of history, science, travel, and more! In each issue, your child will discover something new about the world through short stories, pictures and drawings, maps, and even activities. Each issue also comes with a detailed glossary so your child can develop their vocabulary with easy reference.

For the history buff

K12‘s The Human Odyssey series puts the story back in history with a gripping narrative of adventure, struggle, and triumph, helping us understand where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be headed. In Volume 3, the complex 19th century political landscapes of Asia and Europe set the stage for the dramatic third episode in the odyssey, in which the Great War and the Russian Revolution give way to churning century of even greater war, uncertainty, and economic turmoil. Science heats up as the Cold War freezes international relations; and major new political hot spots develop even as humanity reaches out into space. The digital information revolution changes the very way we conceive the human odyssey at the gateway to the 21st century. Full-color images, diagrams, maps, and charts throughout. An appendix of geographic terms and concepts, atlas, glossary, pronunciation guide, and index are included.

For the writer

All About Me, a K12 publication, lays the foundations of the writing process as students brainstorm, discuss, illustrate, write, and share ideas with others. This illustrated book allows your child to think about the things that matter to them, using their own markers or crayons or the included colorful stickers. Your child can customize the book by putting a photograph or a drawing in a frame within the cover.

For the techie

Engaging courses in technology from K12 serve a wide range of students, from those encountering fundamental software tools for the first time to those seeking to dive into the rapidly changing world of 3-D design and animation. All technology courses emphasize immediate application of new skills, and often use modularized projects as the basis for developing mastery of computer and technology fundamentals. Courses teach both the skills necessary for immediate educational application, but also for long-term vocational and professional viability. Plus, all the excitement of advances in game design, animation, and 3-D modeling are inherent in the advanced electives. Courses map to the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) where these apply, and embody, like all K12 courses, the goals and recommendations of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

For the cultured kid

The K12 offerings in world languages helps students read, write, speak, and listen for meaning in any of five target languages (Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese). Combining a variety of pedagogically refined games, simple narratives, and regular writing and speaking challenges, the World Language program highlights common vocabulary terms and phrases, introduces younger students to a wide range of grammar patterns while helping older students master numerous grammar principles, and prepares students to generate language incorporating the vocabulary and patterns they have learned. In addition, culture lessons challenge younger students to recognize different cultural manifestations while older students analyze and compare practices, products, and perspectives of various target-language speaking cultures. Courses thoroughly meet all national standards as set forth by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), and follow state guidelines in covering level-appropriate standards in communication, cultures, linguistic and cultural comparisons, cross-curricular connections, and engaging with target-language speaking communities.

K12′s wide array of independent study courses for students in grades K-12 are currently on sale through September 15 and includes:

  • 10% on early learning including Embark12 Comprehensive, Embark12 Online, and Noodleverse Language Arts (K-3)
  • 10% on independent study courses (K-12)
  • 5% on teacher supported courses

To order, call 866.609.9579 or buy online now and use promo code K12Fall14.

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