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As a parent using online education, you know it has the potential to open many doors for students. Maybe you know someone—a neighbor, friend, or family member’s child—who could really benefit from using online education, but you don’t know how to suggest it. We’ve listed some easy conversation starters below that may help, all based on questions you’re probably asked often regarding online education:

Question: Why don’t your kids attend a brick-and-mortar public school?

Conversation Starter:  I’m often asked why my kids attend an online school, and I wish I could tell them about ALL of the benefits rather than giving them our top 3 reasons. There’s just not enough time in the day! 

Maybe your children want to be better students and are ready to give their education the attention it deserves. It’s possible that they were struggling with or breezing through a particular subject, and online education allows them to slow down or speed up and delegate necessary time between their strengths and weaknesses.

K12 offers programs that cater to more students and families, such as those with special needs, are homebound, or who need to escape bullying. Whatever the reason may be, brick-and-mortar public school wasn’t working, and online education was your school choice for a reason.

Question: Do your kids get ANY socialization

Conversation Starter:  It’s funny to me that so many people question online education and socialization, when it actually gives us the ability to do more stuff (i.e., sports, field trips, etc.). We’re not locked inside all day! 

Yes, online students get plenty of socialization. From live classes and clubs to school outings, field trips, and in-person classes for students, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention the many opportunities of extracurricular activities like play-dates, sports, hobbies, and more. It’s likely that online students have more socialization than those in a traditional public school.

Question: Will your child/children still get accepted into college if they’re graduating from an online school?

Conversation Starter:  You know what I love about our online school? That our student is graduating with college credits/college acceptances (mention any college credits they’ve received, college acceptances, etc.).  

Not only is K12 an accredited program, but the graduations and diplomas are recognized by other schools and universities. Your student may already be gaining college credits through a K12 course, and is not only graduating early but starting their college career as a junior. There’s also a list of the colleges and universities that previous K12 graduates are attending, including well-respected institutions like Columbia, Juilliard, and Stanford.


In addition to these questions, what else are people asking you about online education? More importantly, how are you answering? Leave your answers in the comments below. And, from now until May 21, you can share information about K12 and online education for a chance to win a family trip to Washington D.C. Click here for official rules.  

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