11 Great Mother’s Day Crafts

Motherhood is rewarding, yes, but let’s face it: being a mom is tough, and moms are so deserving of a day celebrating and recognizing them for all the hard work they do. This Mother’s Day, help kids show mom how much they love and appreciate her with these simple Mother’s Day crafts.

Many moms say that along with lots of hugs and quality time together, the most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts are the ones kids make themselves. Handmade crafts and cards from kids are adorable,  but they’re also a meaningful and lasting keepsake. Kids don’t stay little for long, and that child-like scrawl or messy finger painting will one day be a sweet reminder of how small they once were.

To help make your Mother’s Day planning easier, we visited our favorite source—Pinterest—for crafty inspiration to find the best crafts kids can make for Mother’s Day.

While some of these Mother’s Day crafts are simple enough for kids to complete without much help, Dad or an older sibling may need to supervise the more complicated ones. And of course, don’t forget grandma on Mother’s Day! All these crafts would be perfect to make for her, too.

Kids will have fun making these crafts, and Mom will love her cute homemade gift. Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you moms, for all you do!

1. A Handmade Card

  Printable Mother's Day Card

A handmade card is a great gift for Mother’s Day, and perhaps one of the simplest for kids to make themselves. For kids who are too little to write, use our free printable template to draw a picture and fill in the blanks. Click here for our free printable Mother’s Day Card

2. Kid-Made Coasters

Mother's Day coaster

I love seeing how creative my child can be, but sometimes I run out of space to display their masterpieces. I love using alternative mediums to display their talents in different ways. Put stickers down (or not!) on blank tiles, and paint or color a spectacular coaster for example!

3. Mom Picture and Frame

picture frame

There is no such thing as too many pictures, but finding frames can be tough sometimes. Your kids can make a frame by using Popsicle sticks and scrapbook paper (or markers, crayons, etc.) and glue them together.

4. Paper Flowerspaper flowers

Create flowers that will last forever and don’t need water! Cut flowers out of paper, and attach them to green paper straws (or pipe cleaners!).

5. Adjectives with Nameacrostic poem

This is a fun learning activity that mom will love. Write out the word mother or use mom’s name. Have your child come up with a word that matches each letter.

6. PoemMother's Day Poem

If your kids have a knack for poetry, then this is their time to shine! If they need a little help, they can generate a Mother’s Day poem by filling in the blanks to personalize it. Either way, mom will be sure to appreciate your hard work.

7. Mother’s Day BookMom and me book

Make a unique Mother’s Day gift by answering questions about mom and drawing coordinating pictures in frames, and build a book. You could also glue charms or other decorations to it for some pizzazz!

8. Handful of FlowersHandprint Flowers

What bouquet could be better than one your child makes with his or her own hands? All you’ll need for this craft is paint, construction paper and markers.

9. Stuffed ShoesStuffed Shoes

Mom is on her feet all day whether it’s at work or at home, so treat her feet with some of her favorite treats stuffed into a cozy pair of slippers or shoes. How thoughtful!

10. DIY Spa Kitspa kit

A mom’s job is never done, but you can make sure the downtime she has is enjoyable by creating a spa kit to help her feel replenished. A sugar scrub, a whipped body cream, and a candle are sure to do the trick!

11. Personalized Candlecandle

You can take your candle one step further by personalizing it with her favorite picture. A great gift for mom or grandma on Mother’s Day!


Of course, the best gift on Mother’s Day might just be spending time together. If you don’t have time for crafts, you can always bake cookies, read together, or draw pictures. What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts or traditions?

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