5 Paper Bag Crafts Kids Will Love

Paper bags are a craft staple that should be in every home with children. The possibilities of a paper bag are endless and will keep little ones engaged for hours. Besides a typical puppet craft, paper bags can be turned into hours and hours of fun for your little ones. Check out these great paper bag creations your children will enjoy.


Paper bag Headpiece

Via Happyhooligans

Craft a tiara, mermaid crown, or perhaps a monster-alien hat. Get creative by allowing your kids to glue embellishments onto their creation. For a tiara, add glitter and artificial flowers. If your child has decided to create a mermaid crown paint the crown blue to symbolize water, add shells and gold glitter for sand. But if you’re little one is making a monster-alien hat then get creative with wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners for antennas, pom poms, and anything else that will make the hat unique. I recommend using a large paper bag in order to create a crown or hat large enough for your child.



Paper bag Jellyfish

Via Notimeforflashcards.com

This fun jellyfish paper bag craft can spark an entire day of learning about the ocean. Teach your children the facts about the ocean and ways we as individuals can contribute to keeping it clean. Take a trip to the beach and give them the opportunity to physically see the jellyfish’s habitat.



Paper bag Ninjas

Via Iheartcraftythings.com

Are pretend kicks and ‘hi-yahs’ frequent noises in your home? If yes, then this ninja paper bag craft is perfect for your child. You won’t need a ton of supplies either. Let your child get creative and pick out whichever color they’d like their ninja to be. The fasteners will allow your child to re-position their arms and legs to make real ninja moves. If you don’t have cardstock, use washi tape to decorate the ninja instead.



Paper bag Tree

Via Pikadillycharm

At first glance, this creative tree project may appear to be a little out your child’s league. However, once you view this tutorial you’ll see just how simple it really is. All you need is a brown paper bag, scissors, glue, and paper for the leaves—if you don’t have colored paper, then you can use tissue paper instead. This is a great craft that can be use to teach your children about the change of seasons.


 Paper bag Pineapple

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Have a luau party and re-create these pineapple favor bags. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme—cut up some fruit and put on some Hawaiian themed music. Then have your children make these goodie bags to go with the event. Invite some friends over, and you’ll be awarded best parent ever for the day! Have your kids fill the favor bag with some candy to nosh on as they dance at the luau.

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