An Easy Christmas Wreath to Make with Your Kids

Christmas wreaths are a beautiful way to make your front door welcoming and festive for the holiday season. They also present a perfect opportunity for a fun and creative craft to make with your kids. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to not only make a Christmas wreath you are proud to hang, but more importantly, create precious memories with your children.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

You should be able to purchase all your needed supplies for this wreath for less than $25. Most major craft stores offer coupons, holiday sales provide deep discounts, and you may even find items on clearance. For example, I was able to use a 40 percent off coupon for my grapevine wreath, all my Christmas craft supplies were 50 percent off, and I found a couple of fall decorative pieces on clearance for 90 percent off.

Christmas Wreath Supplies

To decide on what type of decorations to use for your wreath, consider your current outdoor decorations, the color of the exterior of your home, and your kid’s favorite color. For example, my son’s favorite color is red, so the decision was easy to go with a red and gold theme for our wreath.

You will also save a lot of money and have much more fun by going on a nature hunt with your kids to find items you can include on your wreath. Items such as sticks and pine cones make perfect additions.

Finding wooden craft shapes to paint are also a cheap way to have your kid’s artwork included in your wreath. These can vary from snowflakes to bells and can be painted or simply adorned with glue and glitter.

Step Two: Paint and Glitter

Once you have gathered all your items from your nature hunt and your wooden craft shapes, begin the process of gluing, glittering, and painting. Go ahead and just accept the fact that there will be a huge mess. You will be finding glitter for days, but this time spent together is well worth it. Let your child use their imagination while mixing colors and decorating these pieces. For my wreath, red was a favorite color, so you can see it got used a lot.

Kid's Painted Nature Items

If you found sticks to decorate, tiny red bells are fun to use because they give the appearance of berries. (Hint: To make your pine cones appear “snowy,” apply glue to the tips using a brush and then sprinkle with white glitter. Shake off any excess.)

Once your child has finished, set these items aside to begin drying.

Step Three: Wire and Glue

You and your child can use creativity to determine how everything is positioned on the wreath. This may be a good opportunity to introduce concepts of symmetry and balance as you try to incorporate everything onto the front of your Christmas wreath.

Christmas Wreath Floral Wire

As you are putting together this wreath, you will find that a glue gun and floral wire become your best friends. For any floral stems or bows, you will want to loop the floral wire around the top and pull through to the back of the wreath. Twist the ends several times to secure in place and trim any excess. Your little one can help by holding the item in place while you secure it.

Christmas Wreath Glue Gun

For other pieces, such as the sticks and wooden shapes, it may not be as feasible to use the floral wire. For those, use a hot glue gun to secure in place, being careful to have the glue hidden so it does not appear from the front. You may find that adding some hot glue helps to reinforce the items you have secured with floral wire as well. Glue guns are extremely hot, so be careful with your helping hands!

Step Four: Hang and Admire Your Work

Let your children help you in hanging and positioning the wreath on your door and use this as a time to encourage them in how well they did. Let them know how proud you are of them, how much you enjoyed the time you all spent together, and ask them about their favorite part of the wreath. You can even talk about what you both could do better next year, as it’s always OK to find areas to improve on.

wreath close up

Have you ever made a DIY Christmas wreath with your kids? Did you give this one a try? We’d love to see your pictures in the comments below!

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