DIY Christmas Gifts, Decorations, and Displays

There’s always room for another decoration or one more gift! So, if you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts, decorations, and displays to bring the holidays into your home.

cards hanging on red ribbon on a door

Courtesy of Greener Grass Handmade used with permission

This simple cabinet decoration will be making an appearance at my home this year. Finding another “spot” for decorations can be tricky, but what better location for all of your Christmas cards than the kitchen?! It is a universal gathering place! With just a few yards of ribbon and some tape, you can mimic this card display, too.

wooden decor near front door


Wooden signs are a simple holiday decoration that can be featured on your front porch this year. The best part? You can use BOTH sides of the wood, and have decorations for back-to-back holidays—that way you don’t have to pack and unpack each season. Use any colors or words you like, and enjoy!

hot chocolate with marshmellow treat

It happens more often than I’d like to admit, but when headed to a holiday party or get-together, I often realize I don’t have anything for the host/hostess. Make a few of these hot cocoa kits at the beginning of the season and avoid that last minute panic this year. You can use individual bags or canisters to contain all the ingredients necessary for a cup or two of hot chocolate, like they’ve done at, or use a mason jar and stack the items on top of each other. You can do this with ingredients for cookies, too.

evergreen sprig tied to package

Everyone wants their gifts to look like Martha Stewart herself put them together, but she’s not always available. Rather than trying to glam every gift with wrapping paper, tinsel, and tags this year, try sprucing the package with something more simple. Taking some string, and an ornament or sprig from the tree can look just as fancy. Avoid tags altogether, and write directly on the paper.

Mugs with G and D on them

Grandparents love getting pictures of the kids every year, but why not give them something else that’s personalized? Let your kids decorate mugs for them, so Grandma and Grandpa can think of them every morning with their cup of coffee. You can even make this DIY Christmas gift a tradition and give them a new mug every year with the date on the bottom.

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