5 Ways to Start Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

Step one is setting your New Year’s resolutions. Step two is achieving those goals! With Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks for the top five ways to start achieving your New Year’s resolutions, you can get a head start this weekend, January 9-11.

25  Ideas to Exercise with Kids

Losing weight is the number one resolution year after year. Put your plan into action, and get your family involved by getting active as a team. Whether you take a 30 minute walk around the block, or clear the living area for a dance party, get your crew together for some active family fun that will help you achieve your goal.

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How to Approach Teaching Kids About Money

Saving money is a great New Year’s resolution to have, and a good learning opportunity for your kids. You may want to think about giving them an allowance if you don’t already do so, and going over the best ways they can spend depending on the budget they create. Not ready to give your kids an allowance? No worries. There are great games and activities out there to help teach your kids the value of a dollar.

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22013Garden_HarvestVolunteering to help others is such a rewarding New Year’s Resolution, and you can do something different every month. From donating items in the colder months, to planting a garden or being active in the community when the temperature rises, the options really are endless.

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You want to be more organized, but you don’t know where to start. It may be easier than you think. Start by keeping a calendar, or download an app that can help with organization. After that, tackle one room or project at a time. Make sure your kids follow the same rules. They don’t need to start painting until they clean up their science project in the kitchen. Once you create a habit, you’ll see an immense amount of change and organization.

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Coping with stress and anxiety can be overwhelming, but there are so many ways to reduce stress as part of your New Year’s resolution. It’s likely that your other resolutions (e.g., losing weight, saving money, and being more organized) will help reduce stress, but there are other things you can do, too. Spending more time with your family is probably the easiest thing you can do to reduce stress. Doing activities like making stress balls with your kids can also be a helpful way to teach them how handle their own stress in an appropriate manner.

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Share the ways you’re achieving the New Year’s resolutions you set, and all of the other things you’re trying this weekend in the comments or on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

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