Back to School: iPhone and Android Apps to Keep Students Organized

While notebooks and pencils will always have their place on the school supplies list, when it comes to staying organized, today’s students have more high-tech options than the old student planner.

From keeping track of class schedules, to note-taking, studying, and time management, these apps can help students of all ages head back to school organized and prepared for the year ahead, whether they’re in traditional school, online school, or homeschool.

Apps for middle school and high school students

inClass (iOS) or Studious (Android)Studious | Back to School: iPhone and Android Apps to Keep Students Organized

inClass is a free all-in-one app for students. Students can take photo, video, audio, or text notes, share files, manage to-do lists, and keep track of class schedules and due dates all from within the app.

Studious is a good Android alternative to inClass. The to-do list and calendar app was built specifically for students, and includes note-taking and reminders for homework and tests. Plus, when students put their class schedule in the app, it will automatically turn the phone to silent during class time, minimizing distractions and disruptions. Unfortunately, there’s not one app for Apple with the same functionality. However, AutoSilent ($2.99) will silent your phone at set times, while inClass can handle your daily schedule and note-taking needs.

Popplet (iOS) or Mindmeister (Android)

Popplet is a mind-mapping tool for iPad and the web.  Mind-mapping is a great brainstorming tool  for students, especially those who prefer to learn visually. These apps allow students to capture ideas, facts, and images, sort them visually, create relationships, and collaborate with others. The full version of Popplet sells for $4.99, but Popplet Lite is is available for free. For Android users, Mindmeister is a free app with similar functionality.

ExamTime (web, touch devices)

This web app is accessible via the browser on your computer or mobile devices. Join for free, then use the site to create, find, and share educational resources including notes, flashcards, practice quizzes, mind maps, and study tips.

Apps for students in preschool and elementary school

What’s Today? (iOS)What's Today? for iOS | Back to School: iPhone and Android Apps to Keep Students Organized

Designed for younger kids by a teacher and mom, this app helps kids learn about time management with a kid-friendly calendar and daily schedule. It includes multiple logins so each child can have their own, and settings for non-readers, intermediate, and advanced readers. What’s Today costs $1.99 and is available for iOS devices. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a similar app for Android.

Kids Countdown (iOS) or Kids Timer (Android)

These two visual timer apps are a great way to help kids stay motivated and on task, and can help ease transitions between tasks and breaks. Visual timers are an especially useful tool for kids with ADHD or autism.

Bonus Apps!

Check out these posts to discover more of our favorite apps for students and parents. Do you have a favorite app for students? Let us know in the comments.

Best apps for students:

Best apps for parents:

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This article was updated August 2015

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