5 Fun Ways to Practice the Alphabet

Learning the ABC’s is the first step in mastering the English language. It is never too early to practice the alphabet as it reinforces several important skills. Saying the alphabet is a great way to start the day along with reviewing the date, the weather and counting on a number line.


This has been making the rounds on the internet, and shows of a beautiful way of teaching the alphabet. Instagram user, artist and father Tommy Perez has created this series of creating each letter with a food that starts with said letter along with his 2 year old daughter Zoe. You can find more of his work here.

Other great ways to teach letters with food are baking each letter of the alphabet and good ol’ alphabet soup.


Chalk is one of the oldest tools for writing, but this classic still has its uses. There are several ways you can teach the alphabet with chalk. Pick letters at random and have your student draw a picture that starts with that letter. Of course you can always have your student write down as much of the alphabet as possible.


Find the Alphabet

Have your child go  on a letter hunt. Print out each letter of the alphabet and place them around the house. Once they’ve found all the letters have them put each in order. For an added challenge, have your child take the printed letters and try to find items around the house that start with each letter.


Teach a Letter a Day

This can be a daily or weekly activity depending on your teaching style. Start with ‘A’ and work your way to ‘Z’ or randomize the letters. Dedicate time each day to that letter. If it’s J day/week jump around, tell funny jokes, or make some jam. How many activities can you come up with?



This can be your student’s first research project. Have them name as many animals as they can that start with each letter of the alphabet. For the ones that they have difficulty, with hop online and learn about new animals.


Click here for some fun animal games.


Be sure to include your favorite ways to teach the alphabet in the comments!

Image has been resized via Flickr user Jimmle / CC 2.0

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