Family Finds Success with Kindergarten Readiness Program

Starting kindergarten is an exciting milestone for kids. But it’s also a very important step in their education. In fact, kids’ future academic success relies heavily on kindergarten readiness.

Not only can kindergarten success impact students’ academic outcomes, but also their well-being, self-esteem, and motivation.

That’s why families are turning to kindergarten readiness programs such as EmbarK12.

This award-winning pre-K program offers both online and offline activities with rich multimedia and hands-on, minds-on engagement for children who are 3 to 5 years of age. The customizable lesson plans include more than 450 online activities and more than 750 hands-on activities.

Jody Henning has been using EmbarK12 with her son Elias for a month now—and has already seen improvement in him. They use the Comprehensive version of EmbarK12, which includes a rich variety of offline materials, such as shapes, books, and flashcards.

Elias sits on Jody’s lap as they do the online activities together. While he can’t read yet, the sounds and audio cues in the program help him know what to do and when he has clicked on something, which has improved his computer skills.

Jody enjoys that the online and offline lessons are integrated. They might start with an offline lesson and then follow it up with an online game to reinforce what Elias just learned.

Elias really enjoys the online matching and sorting games, like grouping together little bears of different colors and sizes—who talk to each other and keep his attention. He and Jody really enjoy the music lessons as well—dancing around together with his 18 month-old sister.

Jody says Elias is already writing better, able to identify letters, and writing his name.

As her daughter comes into her preschool years, Jody says she will definitely consider having her use EmbarK12, too.

Learn more about EmbarK12 and how it can help your preschooler prepare for kindergarten.

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Image credit: Jody Henning

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