The Top 10 Educational Day Trips for Families in the Northeast

Welcome back to Learning Liftoff’s series for beautiful, educational day spots for families all over the country! This week, Learning Liftoff has compiled a list of 10 places for families in the northeast to visit with their children. Whether it be learning about the Civil War or the Pilgrims, your children will be sure to have a fun-filled day of learning at any of these spots.

1. Plymouth Rock – Plymouth, MA

Plymouth Rock is one of the most important historical landmarks regarding the early Mayflower Pilgrims! When visiting Plymouth Rock, feel free to bring your pets and even take advantage of the free programs that the Pilgrim Memorial State Park offers to the public! These programs will offer an interactive experience for you and your kids to learn a little bit more about the history of Pilgrims. When you’re done at Plymouth, enjoy a short car ride down to Cape Code and enjoy the beautiful views of the bay!


2. Gettysburg Battlefield – Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg Battlefield is a Civil War landmark that continues to educate people on the tragedies of the Civil War today. The Battle of Gettysburg was not only gruesome, but it was one of the most crucial battles of the entire war. Visiting this park is a great way to understand more about both the Civil War and the events that ultimately led to the Confederate Army’s defeat. If your family is in town for a little longer, take an hour road trip from Gettysburg to the famous Hershey Park for more fun… and chocolate!


3. Washburn-Norlands Living History Center – Livermore, ME

Take a trip to the Washburn-Norlands Living History Center to learn an abundance of information on the Washburn family at Norlands! There is much to be said about this family of 10 children, some of who became early US Congressmen. This Living History Center offers a variety of tours and interactive programs for you and your little ones to enjoy. The lengths and prices of each of these tours can be found here, along with some history on the Washburn family!


4. Alexander Hamilton Grange National Memorial – New York City, NY

Calling all Hamilton fans! Though it is an amazing piece of art, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s production of Hamilton isn’t the only way we can learn about the way that Alexander Hamilton changed the framework of our nation. The Alexander Hamilton Grange National Memorial preserves Hamilton’s home and offers an opportunity to learn about this founding father. When you’re done exploring the memorial, take a stroll around the Big Apple and enjoy the history and culture New York City has to offer.


5. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum – Ferrisburgh, VT

This beautiful place offers great fun for both adults and kids! Enjoy fun family bonding time with fun expeditions like rowing, learning about metal arts, and learning about archaeology through the history of Lake Champlain’s shipwrecks. If you can’t make it out to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in person, enjoy the digital museum that they provide to the public online here!


6. Essex Steam Train & Riverboat – Essex, CT

All aboard! Hop on an hour long ride on the Essex Steam Train or the two and a half hour long ride on the Essex Riverboat for a narrated tour going into the Connecticut River Valley. These routes take the audience through scenic areas that showcase some of New England’s natural beauty. These tours are a wonderful way to get your little learners interested in nature and wildlife– especially with the wide range of beautiful birds that passengers are able to spot! If you’re feeling particularly fancy, book a spot on the Dinner Train to enjoy a four course meal while you and your family chug along.


7. Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium – Newport, RI

Located in the beautiful town of Newport, the Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium is the perfect way to get your kids interested not only in wildlife but also protecting it! They offer children the opportunity to see up to 40 different species, many of which are rescued or in a nursery program. The Exploration Center even offers some great activities for families such as Seal Watch Tours and Lighthouse Tours! Check out museum ticket pricing here.


8. America’s Stonehenge – Salem, NH

We’ve all seen photographs of England’s famous “Stonehenge,” but did you know that America’s Stonehenge, exists too? America’s Stonehenge features inscriptions from ancient peoples and has proven to function as an “accurate astronomical calendar,” even today (Stonehenge USA)! Before visiting America’s Stonehenge, watch this introductory video to learn more about some of the mystery behind this unique construction.


9. Bergen Equestrian Center, NJ

Any little animal lovers? The Bergen Equestrian Center is a great spot to bring any child to spark their love of animals– horses in particular! Not only does the Bergen Equestrian Center offer horseback riding lessons, but they also offer group meditation with horses. Once you’re done experiencing the tranquility over at Bergen Equestrian Center, drive a few minutes down the road to take a look at New Jersey’s grand George Washington Bridge.


10. Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation – Smyrna, DE

Future Astronauts welcome here! Looking to expand your child’s interests? The Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation is the perfect way to do it. They offer online symposiums and explorations. For those who can make it out to the Foundation in person, enjoy any one of their numerous community programs. There are opportunities to learn about what goes on beneath the leaves of a tree, about different dinosaurs, and even about stargazing!

We can’t wait for all of the fun our northeastern families will have at these places as the year keeps rolling on. If you aren’t a northeasterner, stay tuned for the rest of our series which will outline educational day spots in all different regions of the country! If you love DIY field trips and learning activities with your kiddos, check out the rest of Learning Liftoff’s website for more!

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