The 10 Best Educational Day Spots for Families in the Southeast

Even though school just started, its never too early to begin thinking about spring break or summer travel plans.  Luckily for you, Learning Liftoff has compiled a list of 10 amazing places for families in the southeast to visit with their children. These places offer a variety of learning experiences for kids of all ages, from learning about the heavy past of the Civil Rights movement to learning about different biomes in national parks!

1. The National WWII Museum – New Orleans, LA

To learn about one of the most important historical time periods and biggest units in school curriculum, visit the National WWII Museum. It features many exhibits including but not limited to the D-Day exhibit, The Road to Berlin exhibit, The Arsenal of Democracy exhibit, and even some travelling exhibits! If you can’t make it to the museum itself, visit their website for a wealth of articles on events during the war and the effects the war had on life afterwards.

2. The Edmund Pettus Bridge – Selma, AL

The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a national landmark memorializing the events that occurred on Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965. When footage of peaceful marchers facing extreme violence from law enforcement was released to the public after that day, many began supporting the Civil Rights Movement. Visiting this historic spot today is an extremely moving experience that is a great aid in better understanding the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the role that race plays in America today.

3. Children’s Museum of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a great spot to take your younger kids (10mo-8yr)! This museum features permanent exhibits like Gateway to the World and Step Up To Science, where kids can learn about different countries and various STEM related topics! They also offer featured exhibits which change every so often; right now, they include Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, Rube Goldberg: The World of Hilarious Invention, and Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites.

4. Fort Sumter National Monument – Charleston County, SC

Home of the Battle of Fort Sumter, which is considered by many to be the first battle of the American Civil War, the Fort Sumter National Monument offers the public a chance to learn about America’s rich history. Originally built during the War of 1812, used during the Civil War, and partially rebuilt thereafter, Fort Sumter is a wonderful place to see for yourself the place where so many important American events occurred.

5. Manassas National Battlefield Park – Manassas, VA

The Manassas National Battlefield was a historic location during the American Civil War, marking the peak of the Confederate Army’s success. The Park offers beautiful hiking trails, guided tours, and multiple nearby historical attractions. It is the perfect place to spend time with family learning about history and bonding over a good old[1]fashioned nature walk.

6. Biltmore – Asheville, North Carolina

This house museum is not only a gorgeous attraction but also a great way to teach your child about the Gilded Age. There are beautiful gardens, grounds, and elegant rooms to explore on your Biltmore Estate tour. Take your kids here to bring to life the story of about how certain families rose to riches during the late 1800s and how they maintained it throughout the Great Depression.

7. Everglades National Park – Southern Tip of FL

We all know that in Florida things can get pretty darn hot! This day trip may be best fit for when the weather begins to cool down, however the Everglades National Park is beautiful all year long! Take your kiddo there to learn about various aspects of nature and wildlife. With opportunities to take a guided tour, hike, fish, birdwatch, and more your family will surely find something to enjoy at the park and come away with a greater appreciation and knowledge of nature.

8. The Alamo – San Antonio, TX

Of course, The Alamo is a big historical sight in the southeast, but one of their best features for families is their Young Texans Tour! The Young Texans tour (which parents and all non-Texans can attend as well!) introduces children to the story of the Alamo by allowing them to see its Church, courtyards, and a cannon drill demonstration at the Living History Encampment!

9. Louisiana Purchase State Park – Monroe County, AR

Calling all Arkansans! The Louisiana Purchase State Park is open all year and is on a mission to educate people on the place where all land surveying that resulted in the US attainment of the Louisiana Purchase began! The boardwalk features stunning trees, a beautiful pond, informational plaques, and there are tens of nearby attractions to explore!

10. Sequoyah’s Cabin – Sallisaw, OK

Oklahoma has maintained the cabin of the amazing historical figure, Sequoyah, who was an integral part of the creation of the Cherokee language. When you visit this museum, feel free to roam around the park’s spacious 10 acres and read all the historical information posted inside the cabin. Don’t worry though, if you can’t make it to Sallisaw there are virtual tours offered here and plenty more places to learn about Cherokee history all over Oklahoma!


Hopefully these fun and educational spots help all our southeastern families keep their kids happy, engaged, and educated as summer continues to roll on. If you aren’t a southeasterner, stay tuned for the rest of our series which will outline educational day spots in all different regions of the country! If you love DIY field trips and learning with your kids, check out Learning Liftoff’s website for more virtual museum recommendations and activities!


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