iCademy Student Teaches ESL to Refugees in Malaysia

Living in Malaysia, Jasmine Chuah didn’t have many opportunities to volunteer in her community. But attending K12’s partner school, K12 International Academy (iCademy), she had the opportunity to interact with students around the world. She was inspired especially by the students living in the West who are very active in volunteering and even planning their own charitable projects.

Jasmine, motivated by their ambition, decided to do something in her own community. She now teaches English as a second language to children at a refugee center in her area.

She thanks iCademy for exposing her to different cultures and ideas from around the world and how it has made her appreciate diversity.

Watch this video and learn more about Jasmine’s experience with iCademy.

You can also learn about Jasmine’s experience with dual enrollment in University of Maryland University College.

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