The Struggles of an Albino Student with Bullying

Students are frequently bullied for being different, and often for their appearance. Children may decide to start dressing differently or change their hair as a way to escape their bullies. But what if you can’t change how you look?

This is the case for Rob Brown—he’s an albino. People stare at him. One student called him a disease and didn’t want to sit in the seat behind him. The name calling escalated into physical violence and being chased throughout the hallways.

But in 2011, he decided to fight back. Not physically, but through rapping. After free styling in a studio, he realized he was talented and took off from there.

He has now released two songs, and one, Heartless, is about bullying. (Note: images in this video are slightly graphic and may not be suitable for young children). In this song he recounts his experiences with powerful lyrics:

Blame my childhood
I’m scarred got bully wounds
Didn’t let it kill me
No crying no funerals
I’ve been humiliated, tortured and violated
Embarrassed, incriminated, they tried my patience

Rob is now enrolled in Tennessee Virtual Academy and enjoying his online learning experience.

Learn more about Rob and watch his story below.

(Note: images in this video are slightly graphic and may not be suitable for young children.)

[embedvideo id=”Es9vPv7t_YI?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]

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