Beyond Scrapbooking – Fun Ideas for Family Memories

Last year seems like a blur, and the new year is already here! When the years go by so quickly, it is easy to lose track of the important memories you are making with your kids. The new year is a great time to look back on the past year and all of the wonderful memories you had with family and friends. And, while scrapbooking is fun, it’s not the only way to preserve your family memories. Here are some creative ideas that go beyond scrapbooking!


memory jar(via Shanty 2 Chic)

I think this is such a great idea for a family—over the course of the year, everyone can contribute a note of something they want to remember. Then, on Christmas or New Years, you pop the jar open and read all of the memories together. While Shanty 2 Chic’s blog has yet to post updated jar and tag printables for 2016, they have an adorable template you can use for inspiration, or follow their page if you want to keep an eye out for their 2016 version.



TIME CAPSULE(via The Idea Room)

Very similar to the previous memory jar idea, the family time capsule collects memories during the year and is shared together on New Year’s Eve. However, with the time capsule your family contributes memorabilia from the year, like ticket stubs, photos, small mementos, etc. Amy from The Idea Room even includes a questionnaire that she has her children fill out to include as a “Snapshot of My Year.”



exploding box(via Amazing Interior Design)

I absolutely love this idea! It’s so simple—just folding and gluing—and yet the result is unique and adorable. Craft one of these exploding boxes to showcase favorite photographs from the year, or create themed boxes for graduations, birthdays, growing children, etc.


baby box(via The Realistic Mama)

Moving away from year-specific ideas to more general, anytime memory-capturing ideas, first we have the adorable baby box from The Realistic Mama. Instead of a baby book, you can collect mementos from the early days of your little one such as first or favorite outfits, favorite toys, a letter to her in the future, favorite books, photos, etc. I know I’d love to have something like this as an adult now!


photo of school box(via Here Comes the Sun)

Any parent knows children come home with so much art or schoolwork that it’s impossible to keep it all. Here’s an excellent organizational tactic to save the important pieces like special artwork, report cards, and awards. One clever parent suggested having your child pick a handful of their favorites, teaching them that it’s OK not to save everything and that it’s good to be able to discern what’s really important.


shadow box(via Visual Heart)

Shadow boxes are a simple and versatile way to display favorite memories. From favorite toys to baby mementos to family collections, there’s very little crafting actually involved in creating these fun home decorations. This is another example of something I wish my parents had thought of—I’d love to have a box hanging on my wall displaying some of my old favorites!

Do you have any crafty ideas you use for your family memories?  Tell us in the comments!

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