Educational, Digital Products Among Favorites for Moms and Kids

Educational and digital products that combine learning with entertainment, including LEGO, Scholastic, Netflix, Crayola, and Disney, have emerged as some of the most beloved and trusted names in America according to the results of Young Love 2015 surveys.

Ease of use, personalization, and academic challenge were among the reasons that helped more educational products such as LEGO catapult from number 21 to number 10 and the Discovery Channel from 38th to 12th on the Moms’ chart. Continuing the digital trend, Netflix (3), iPad (4), YouTube (7) and Disney (8) made the kids’ top 10 out of 7,000 families and 283 brands surveyed.

Moms also kept Crayola (number 1 last year) in the top 10 and ranked book provider  Scholastic 11th.

“Families are looking for brands that are trusted and have been around for a while, but certainly those that are delivering innovation,” says  Wynne Tyree, president and founder of, which has conducted the surveys of moms and kids for seven years.

“LEGO is doing a lot of things well. . . . I think their movie also gave them a boost. So we not only see enthusiasm from children, but moms, who see the LEGO brand promoting good, constructive brain activities that a lot of age levels can engage with.”

Movies certainly impact brand popularity. A year ago, Disney’s film Frozen was 30th in the kids’ rankings. This year, Universal’s Minions ranked 14th, one spot behind perennial entertainment contender Nickelodeon. Moms like the Minions brand, too, ranking it 21st. While these aren’t movies with the most educational value, Netflix, where families can opt for more educational options, went from No. 22 to No. 3 among kids.

In general, Tyree says brands that fare well tend to “resonate” with multiple members of a family and are not gender-specific.

“Netflix makes parents happy as well as children,” she says. “iPad and Wii bring something for everyone, even if it’s different content that pleases different family members.”

In case you’re wondering, it was not one of the educational or digital products that snagged the number one slot in the survey. Kids ages 6 to 12 scored Oreo as their favorite brand for the second time in three years. And, really, who can blame them for giving cookies the highest ranking?

Do you agree with the rankings? Which brands help your family add educational value to your daily lives? Please tell us in the comments below.

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