Discover Learning Opportunities on Netflix for Kids

It can be tough to find fun and educational shows for your kids. I honestly can’t remember if I watched any shows that taught me anything educational when I was young. Sure, Looney Toons and My Little Pony were awesome, but they didn’t exactly teach me math or science.

But these days there are ways for parents to find educational TV shows. Netflix for Kids is a great place to check out. And as a bonus, there are no commercials! We explored the children’s programming and discovered some great shows that aren’t just entertaining, but teach kids along the way.


Adorable puppies, kittens, and frogs explore a number of subjects. First of all, they go to Numberland. What could be better than that? They explore counting, sorting, recognizing patterns, and basic math skills. But that’s not all. They also teach kids about shapes, vocabulary, and the alphabet. A great choice for a wide range of subjects!

The Magic School Bus

I remember this show fondly. The zany teacher takes her students on a wide variety of crazy field trips where they always learn something new. It covers topics like outer space, the human body, the ocean, animals, weather, physics, dinosaurs, and many more. It definitely doesn’t feel like learning.


And of course, they have the beloved show with the purple dinosaur. A favorite for kids across the country. This is another show that teaches about a variety of subjects, including exercise, doctors, animals, fruits and veggies, music, and sharing. It’s not just educational, it’s also teaching kids things like kindness.

FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman

This loveable, goofy, and slightly klutzy dog gives real kids challenges that take them on a number of adventures. Kids will learn about outer space, dance, animals, weather, money, and much more. And who doesn’t love a show with a dog?

If you don’t have Netflix, it might be worth a try. It’s $7.99 a month and new subscribers get a one month free trial.

As a plus, there are plenty of great shows and movies that you might like yourself.

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