Class Acts of 2014: Online School Frees Twins from Graduation Obstacle

This series, Class Acts of 2014, features inspiring online education graduates with promising futures and showcases how individualized, award-winning curriculum and technology enabled these students’ success.

When twin sisters Mariela and Araceli moved from Mexico to California, most of their classes were accepted in the school system. Unfortunately, they moved to Arizona three months before they were supposed to graduate, and were stuck in an educational rut because the new school system would not accept those same classes. Desperate to find an alternative, they began searching the internet.

That’s when they found K12’s Insight Academy of Arizona. The program was not only willing to accept their credits from Mexico and California, but they were able to go at a faster pace.  “Without thinking much about it, we decided to enroll,” the twins said.

Mariela and Araceli were able to flourish academically. They worked together as a team, supporting and challenging each other academically. “For me, Araceli was and has been my moral support along the way. She has always encouraged me to do my best, and this time around it wasn’t any different,” Mariela says. Her sister adds that, “When things went downhill for me, Mariela always pushed me to continue. She always encouraged me and she even went as far as taking time just to teach me in a way that I could understand when I got stuck. We also had our teachers who always were checking up on us and encouraging us. We are grateful for that.”

That teamwork helped them cross the finish line, and graduate from an accredited online high school. Now, they will continue their education.

Mariela will be pursuing an Associates of Arts and English at Arizona Western College, and hopes to one day obtain a Bachelor Degree so she can become an English teacher and teach abroad. “My dream is to be able to teach and share my knowledge to areas of the world that most need it.”

Araceli will be studying design abroad in Mexico, so she can “create many things and share it with the world.”

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