5 Low-Tech Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether you have begun your holiday shopping or not, you have probably seen countless ads for the next big-tech gift. From tablets and cell phones to virtual reality headsets and video game systems, adults and children alike are inundated with technology. While these advanced luxuries have their benefits (from educational to social), they can also be pricey. Low-tech gifts can be a nice alternative to bring people together as well as promote creativity and learning.

Read on for five low-tech gift ideas for kids this holiday season.

1. Card and Board Games


Board games like Monopoly and Scrabble never go out of style, but what is new and fun this year? Put Sneaky Cards on your shopping list to gift an interactive scavenger hunt that requires players to pay it forward, including cards like “Buy Someone Coffee” and “Tell Someone a Riddle.”


Crowded Waters is aimed toward younger children (eight and up) and teaches skills such as visual thinking, planning, strategy, and decision-making.

2. Giant Coloring Posters


Giant coloring posters have turned staying in the lines into a group activity. Not only is this fun and inexpensive gift perfect for any aged recipient, coloring also has several health benefits.



LEGO never goes out of style and new sets keep this gift fresh and relevant. What’s new this year? Minecraft, Jurassic World, and new LEGO Friends sets will encourage your little builders to pursue their interests while advancing their STEM skills.

4. Dress-Up Clothes and Props


Does your child want to be a doctor? An astronaut? An artist? Encourage your child to explore the possibilities or just be silly with dress up clothes for pretend play. Gifting dress-up clothes and props are also a great opportunity to get crafty; you’d be surprised what you can make out of a cardboard box.

5. Fan Gear


Books, movies, and games, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minecraft, and Frozen are part of their own universe and have spawned loyal fans. From R2-D2 lunch boxes to Elsa bedroom sets, give your child gear that makes them feel like they’re a part of that universe.

What is on your children’s wish lists this year? Let us know in the comments below, and check out more gift ideas here.

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