Made into Movies: Books for Pre-Readers

We are all aware of the importance of reading, but motivating students to open a book can be difficult. In this series, Made into Movies, we’ve gathered some of the best film adaptations of favorite books to spark kids’ interest in reading. Watching the films can serve as a reward for finishing the related book, inspire children to read the book after seeing the film, or accompany a reader as they are making their way through a series.

The Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Author: Crockett Johnson

Rating: TV-Y

The original book was published in 1955 and features a young boy named Harold who has the ability to draw anything and make it real using his purple crayon. The book is a favorite among teachers and parents alike. In 2007 it was included in the Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children. The animated series is also available for the iPad.

The television series is great for young kids, with songs, stories, great narration and animation to keep them engaged.

Where the Wild Things Are

Author: Maurice Sendak

Rating: PG

A great read for when kids are having a tough time. That sometimes everyone yells and wants to go out and explore, and get into mischief, but really the best place to be is home. The book received a Caldecott Medal in 1964, and is still loved today.

The film does feature some wild things, while they appear to be friendly, the monsters may scare a younger audience.

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Curious George

Author: H. A. Rey

Rating: G

The original stories were written over 70 years ago, and started out as a newspaper comic. Since then Curious George has been a favorite for young readers. There have been many adaptions of Curious George, including feature film. The Curious George website features clips from the animated series.

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Paddington Bear

Author: Michael Bond

Rating: N/A

The book was inspired by a teddy bear that was all alone on a shelf, upon seeing this the author brought it home to his wife. He began to write short stories about the bear’s adventures and eventually this turned into a series. Paddington has become so famous there is even a bear sized statue of him at the Paddinton Station.

While the movie has not yet been released I’m willing to bet the film will keep the same charm as the book.

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Dr. Seuss

The godfather of children’s books. Theodor Seuss Geisel the author of many classics has become synonymous with young learners. One of his most famous books, The Cat in the Hat, revolutionized the way children learned to read. His simple ideas, rhymes, and philosophy have ensured that he is remembered as one of the greatest children’s author in history.

You can see all his books here, and below are some of the ones that have been adapted into full feature films.

The Lorax 

Rating: PG

[embedvideo id=”1bHdzTUNw-4?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]


The Cat in the Hat 

Rating: PG

[embedvideo id=”gfREV8Z_PBA?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Rating: PG

[embedvideo id=”YQV5Pr7pWtM?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]


Horton Hears a Who

Rating: G

[embedvideo id=”MIQFTBsGccA?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]

Find more Dr Seuss stuff here, and be sure to download our free printable of Dr. Seuss Quotes

Let’s keep reading! Please include your child’s and your favorite books that have been made into movies in the comments.

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