5 Successful Careers for Kids Who Love Fortnite

Moms tend to know their kids far better than most other people. That’s why it’s ideal for moms to take notice of what excites their kids and then look for ways to transform those interests into future careers. For example, if a kid loves animals, they might make excellent veterinarians.

Of course, a guidance counselor at a school has professional experience with helping students choose suitable careers, but moms watch their kids grow up and discover their interests. The resultant knowledge and experience mean the often-expressed “mom knows best” sentiment also applies to careers.

Here are some things you can do to help steer your child down a path to a career they’ll love:

  • Be a good role model and don’t openly complain about your job. If you don’t like it, try to focus on the positives.
  • Give them opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities that develop and engage what interests them.
  • Encourage youngsters to have big dreams and not spend too much time worrying about potential limitations.
  • If you’re concerned about financing your child’s career aspirations, start investigating financial aid options early to get adequately prepared.

Even interests some might view as negative, like playing video games, can help kids get interested in future workforce prospects. After all, video games are usually okay in moderation. If you have a kid who loves Fortnite—one of the most popular battle royale-style games—here are some careers that might suit them. Because Kids’ Fortnite endeavors can actually lead to a successful career!

1. Civil Engineer

A major part of surviving in Fortnite involves smart resource usage and building walls or more advanced structures to stay safe from attackers. Once a child gets accustomed to doing that in the gaming world, they might also want to apply some of those skills in a career as a civil engineer.

Civil engineers are the professionals behind the world’s buildings, roads, bridges, and more. Thriving in the role means taking a big-picture approach to projects and exercising critical thinking skills. Fortnite players have to use similar skills when assessing how to best use their resources for longevity in the game.

2. Data Scientist

Fortnite wouldn’t have nearly the appeal it does without the help of data scientists and analytics tools. During peak usage times, Fortnite handles dozens of petabytes of data per second. The game’s development team then uses that information to make improvements or decide when to introduce new events into the game’s world.

Kids who get fascinated by the prospect of digging through data to enhance games may eventually find enjoyable careers as data scientists. These professionals also have abundant prospects outside of gaming, since businesses in nearly all sectors realize that analyzing information leads to more confident decision-making.

3. Video Game Designer

Although it’s possible that Fortnite was the title that began your child’s experience with video games, it’s more likely that they got exposed to other games first, perhaps with the help of friends who are video game fans.

If your child ultimately has a longtime passion for video games, they could get even more thrills from them on a different level by designing games for other players. Being a game design major usually allows students to gain hands-on experience in the field and create portfolios, thereby establishing themselves as ready to excel in the game industry.

Plus, video game enthusiasts typically make excellent designers because they understand what fellow players want most and how to keep them interested.

4. Marketing Manager

People with above-average strategic thinking skills tend to thrive as Fortnite players. They have to keep their characters healthy, study a map to decide where to go in the game, plus stay alert for audio and visual cues that warn them of danger.

Kids could put those strategic skills to use later by becoming marketing managers. These professionals assess current market trends, plus make predictions about how to help products succeed in the future. Additionally, marketing managers must be open to changing their plans as situations dictate, like Fortnite players do to stay alive.

5. Human Resources Leader

Human resources leaders become highly skilled at noticing which skills people have and how those abilities could benefit their organizations. They also help enterprises hire new team members and show excellent adaptability as the market and industry change. Such duties make it easy to spot some parallels between this job and the Fortnite world.

In one specific example, Fortnite players have to learn the benefits of each tool they possess and when to use each one. HR professionals do the same as they make hiring choices and assign workers to handle specific needs. Two game modes let Fortnite players strategize with friends, boosting the team-building skills that they might eventually use in human resources careers.

BONUS: Professional Fortnite Player or Tutor

Due to the competitiveness of professional gamer jobs, it’s not ideal for kids to see either of these careers as their sole options for income. That’s why they’re included as bonus content on this list.

It’s worth realizing, though, that the best Fortnite players make hundreds of thousands of dollars with their gaming skills. There’s also a relatively recent trend of parents hiring “Fortnite” tutors to help their kids win in the game and paying $20 an hour to those instructors.

A young person with aspirations to get paid for being among the best at Fortnite should feel comfortable with personal branding and potentially looking for sponsors. Both of which require substantial self-motivation.

Attentiveness Can Help Aid Career Choices

One of the best and easiest ways for you to assist in helping kids explore career opportunities is to pay attention to what they love most. Then, nurture those interests—Fortnite included.

Being prepared for the future is essential for all kids, and getting ready for what’s ahead includes career exploration in addition to building technology skills. Be sure your child’s school teaches necessary tech skills and offers career exploration courses. If it doesn’t, consider an alternative school choice, such as a career academy.

Destinations Career Academies are online high schools that offer a personalized education experience to prepare students for success in today’s high-skilled careers. In addition to core high school academic courses, students take a range of career-focused electives. Career fields and pathways vary by school, so visit Destinations Career Academies website to learn more about the schools in your state.


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