Voting Printables for Kids

Even though our children and students may be too young to vote, it’s helpful to begin to educate them on the process and the importance of voting. As parents and educators, we should teach children the history of elections and help them to appreciate their right to vote when they reach voting age.

To help you educate your children on the election and give them a chance to participate in the process, we have created these engaging voting printables.




Set up an area in your home and designate this location as the voting booth for whatever your little ones will be voting on that day. For this activity, voting ballots can allow children to vote on what they will eat for lunch or even what recess activity they’ll get to participate in. After they’ve voted, pin or tape the printable badge so they can proudly display their participation in the election. Parents and teachers can print the badge on sticker paper or card stock paper.



"i voted" stickers

If you’re feeling extra creative, use an old shoe box as a place where ballots can be submitted. To create a booth, use a foam project board to section off an area. Get your children excited about the voting activity by allowing them to help decorate the ballot box and/or voting booth.

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