Five Types of Online Learning for You and Your Student

Our students are fortunate to be living in a time when information is more quickly and easily accessible than ever before. Within a few seconds, anyone can know just about anything thanks to the Internet. Business Insider reports that there are 2.3 million Google searches per minute on an average day. That is a whole lot of people learning a whole lot of things every single minute.

With this type of instantaneous knowledge and learning, students today will never understand what it was like to have to wait to go to the library, look up several books on the topic, and search through the pages before finding answers to their questions.

The Internet, along with today’s technology, has brought with it many ways to learn online. Whether it be a quick search from a phone or enrolling in an online course, students can now learn anything from anywhere. This is a tremendous advancement when it comes to student education, not to mention the benefits to adult learners, as well.

Here are five types of online learning that offer benefits to both you and your student.


If students are self-motivated or just curious, they can search the Internet for an extensive supply of educational information. Search engines and sites such as YouTube offer a collection articles, videos, and images related to most topics. Sites such as Khan Academy offer a free collection of courses for all grade levels on a variety of subject matters.

Students looking to become more knowledgeable in a particular area are able to use the vast array of free online resources for research and education. Discretion should be used, though, as not all websites and sources are accurate or reliable.

Online College Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are classes offered on a large scale and that are not limited to enrollment in a particular school or university. People choose to take these either for career or academic advantage and the courses are not necessarily applicable towards earning a degree. That said, there are some students who are able to earn credits or meet prerequisites through MOOCs, depending on their institution of higher learning.

Whether it is an adult looking to further their education or a recent high school graduate wanting flexibility in class scheduling, enrolling in an online college enables a student to earn a degree without the constraints of traditional campus learning. With the popularity of online courses today, just about any degree is offered while still being able to attend credible and notable colleges.

Supplemental Online Education

From preschool all the way to graduate school, students can supplement their education through online resources. Selective online classes enable students who desire to extend their learning in a particular area to study beyond that which is offered at their current school. Supplemental online courses also help those students struggling with a particular subject to receive further education and assistance.

Even looking beyond the educational arena, anyone looking to become a subject matter expert, out of a love for learning or to advance their career, can greatly benefit from any number of supplemental online education offerings.

Online certifications are also available for a variety of careers including popular ones such as nursing, information technology, web design, and business administration.

Online Public or Private K–12 Schools

For elementary, middle, and high school students, numerous online learning options are available. Many states offer full-time tuition-free public schools, which facilitate a public school education in the home. For students in those states not providing the online public school option or for families specifically wanting an alternative to public school, many online private K–12 schools are available.

As a parent or Learning Coach of an online student, you would be surprised how much you learn yourself as you are integrally involved in your child’s education.

Educational Apps/Programs

There are countless apps or programs, such as and LearnBop, which enable supplemental online learning, while at the same time offering a fun experience for students. Even adults can benefit from learning apps covering a variety of subjects from astronomy to world languages.

The mobility of these learning systems allow for adaptability to a student’s individual lifestyle and can be utilized anytime and anywhere.

No matter what stage you are in life, learning is still possible through the various types of online learning. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to explore interests, or to chase your career dreams. Online learning is remarkable in the fact that you can learn vast amounts of information at your fingertips and at your own pace. Perhaps consider joining with your child in online learning and both take a class or download an educational app to try something new!

[schedule on=’2016-09-07′ at=”08:08″ expon=’2016-09-16′ expat=”05:00″]This September 15th, we are celebrating the launch of National Online Learning Day. This is a day to celebrate and showcase students of all ages utilizing these types of online learning. Have you used any of these as an online student? If so, share your story with us using #OnlineLearningDay.[/schedule]

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