‘Summer Memories Photo Contest’ Winners and Honorable Mentions

Scenic summer vacations, fun family poses, and high resolution cameras were all a part of Learning Liftoff’s Summer Memories Photo Contest this year. We received more than 100 entries, from fun footprints in the sand to kids looking skyward at the eclipse and everything in between! Our readers made the most of summer and captured many Instagram-worthy images!

See below for the two winning entries and keep scrolling for some impressive, funny, cute, and touching honorable mentions that we loved!

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First Prize Winner of the GoPro HERO5 Black® Camera Bundle

little girl with butterfly on her finger
Abby spent the summer raising monarch butterflies—an educational and inspiring experience!


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Second Prize Winner of a
$50 Gift Card

footprints in the sand
Angela took this photo on Alabama’s Orange Beach, where her family spent some of their “happiest times.”



Honorable Mentions

[divider]Best Educational Photo[/divider]

An educational visit to South Florida Science Center and Aquarium!


[divider]Best Beach Photo[/divider]

boy in a breaking wave
Joshua is staying ahead of this Cape May wave!


[divider]Best Pet Photo[/divider]

German Shepherd
Waiting for his best friend to return from school.


[divider]Best Sense of Summer[/divider]

girl by the pool with a smoothie
A smoothie by the pool on a summer vacation. So refreshing!


[divider]Best Nature Photo[/divider]

purple flowers growing by a lake
Vanessa says she took this photo on a camping trip by a lake. Such vibrant colors!


[divider]Best Expressions[/divider]

three kids eating ice cream
This ice cream must be really tasty!


[column size=one_half position=first ]

So joyful!


[column size=one_half position=middle ]

little girl on chair
Excited to visit family.



[divider]Best Location Image[/divider]

child on sand
“It felt like we were on another planet,” Rebecca says of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert.


[divider]Coolest Animal Photo[/divider]

little girl feeding a giraffe green leaf
Feeding a giraffe at the Blank Park Zoo.


[divider]Best Eclipse Viewing Images[/divider]

[column size=one_half position=first ]

two kids wearing eclipse glasses
Experiencing the 2017 eclipse safely!


[column size=one_half position=middle ]

child wearing eclipse glasses looking surprised
Witnessing the eclipse in Idaho.



[divider]Most Heartwarming[/divider]


Although six-year-old Joshua enjoyed a number of summer activities, including riding his bike, visiting the zoo, and splashing down the hill on his Slip’N Slide, it was this special day in June that he says was his “most favorite memory of all.” This photo captures the moment that Joshua’s mom and dad officially adopted him and he changed his last name to theirs. “I’ve never had a family before,” he tells us, “but now I have a mommy and daddy [who] love me very much.”


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