Are Snow Days a Thing of the Past?

The idea of a snow day is a kid’s dream come true. What could be better than an unplanned day off, playing with friends, and perhaps warming up with some hot chocolate? That may be the case for students attending a traditional brick and mortar school, but for students learning online, snow days are something they learn about in their history lessons. All kidding aside, snow days can pose some serious challenges to students and families that are alleviated when you’re part of an online school. Here are a few to consider:

Falling behind

While it may not seem like a big deal to students, the impromptu break in the flow of learning can really be a chain reaction to falling behind. All students have a weekly schedule that they follow, and snow days can throw them off. Consequently, they don’t get as much out of the rest of the week. Playing catch up for one week can trickle into the next, and the next.

Leaving parents in a bind

More often than not, both parents in the home have jobs. If you’re used to sending your kids off to school in the morning, a spontaneous snow day can mean a last minute sick day on the parents’ end. That’s not ideal. For online education families, they’re already used to one parent staying at home, or, leaving their older students at home to continue learning while they go to work.

Calendar uncertainty

Most families make plans for spring break and summer vacations in advance, and based on the school’s academic calendar, but snow days can throw that schedule off in a regular brick and mortar setting. In an online education environment, school goes where you want, when you want. That means when the local public school has to extend into their summer days, your toes could be in the sand, and enjoying the family time you planned.

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