4 Big Reasons Students Take Online Individual Courses

There are times when students want to go above and beyond their current course load. Perhaps they have a special interest in an elective or want to catch up in a certain subject. Online individual courses are a great way for students to get ahead or supplement what they are currently learning. In addition, online courses offer the convenience of not leaving home and being able to fit into students’ existing schedule, making them a nice option for homeschooling families.

Here are the top benefits for students to take supplemental online courses:

Taking courses not available through school. If students wish to pursue a world language, art, or music class not offered by their school, individual courses can help fill that gap—allowing students to achieve a more well-rounded education.

Augment homeschooling curriculum. Parents who homeschool their children may decide to stick to the basic subjects, but individual courses can allow a student to explore other areas of study.

Catching up. Individual courses can be very helpful for students needing to catch up in one or more subjects—allowing them to meet their grade level and catch up with their peers, which also builds self-esteem and sets them up to graduate on time.

Getting a jump start on planning for the future. It’s beneficial for students to begin thinking about college and a career early on. Supplemental courses—especially specialized electives—can help students figure out what their interests and passions are to better prepare them for their future. Taking honors and AP courses can also give students a competitive advantage when applying for college.

K12 offers a wide array of individual courses, which are currently on sale, including core subjects such as math and science as well as world languages, credit recovery, and electives. Some of the courses include literary analysis and composition, advanced earth science, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, fine art, law and order, and exploring music. The spring sale includes:

  • 15% off K12 courses for independent study (grades K–8)
  • 10% off courses with teacher support (all grades)
  • 15% off EmbarK12, a kindergarten prep program for young learners

Purchase courses online with the promo code SPRING or call (866) 609-9579.

Image credit: Jim Sneddon/CC 2.0

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