A Dog and Cheetah Teach Students About Wildlife

Happy Birthday to Amani and Winspear! This unlikely dog and cheetah duo, who have been best friends for almost a year, are celebrating their first birthday this week.

The Dallas Zoo hatched this idea so that cheetahs could be included in the the zoo’s Animal Adventures outreach program. The black lab would teach the animals to have a calmer demeanor in public, as cheetahs are often skittish. The outreach program is designed to teach students about various animals as well as draw attention to endangered species.

The original program included Winspear’s brother, Kamau, who unfortunately passed away due to a respiratory disease which also plagued Winspear for a time. The zoo has put together a great Q & A section where you can learn more about Amani and Winspear.


Image via Dallas Zoo Twitter

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