4 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July with Your Little Learners

With Independence Day just around the corner, it’s only appropriate that families get to engage in some festive arts and crafts together! More than just a day of cookouts and fireworks, the Fourth of July is a great opportunity to get children excited to learn about American history. We’ve collected four ways for you to celebrate this Fourth of July with your little learners in an engaging, educational, and just plain fun way.

Fourth of July Word Search

There’s no better way to celebrate July 4th in an educational way than with a classic word search! This word search is a great way to practice spelling, expand vocabulary, and offer your children the opportunity to learn about US history. With words like “liberty,” “independence,” and “England,” there are plenty of chances to explain to your children how the Fourth of July came to be.


Egg Carton American Flag

Want your kiddo to feel like they contribute to making your home what it is? Try this egg carton American flag craft! All you have to do is remove the eggs from your current egg carton, and get to painting and cutting out stars! With vibrant colors and a front row spot in the fridge, your children are sure to feel like their creativity is an important part of the household. While crafting, teach your child some of the American flag’s history!


Paper Plate George Washington

When it comes to the Fourth of July, George Washington is one of the most fundamental figures for children to learn about. Helping your child create this easy-to-make paper plate George Washington is a wonderful opportunity to teach them about one of our nation’s founding fathers. The craft website even has some fun facts you can include in your mini holiday lesson!


Fourth of July Fruit Wands

If there’s one thing parents know about kids, it’s that they love to try helping in the kitchen. Though this can be a lot to handle when making a difficult or finicky recipe, we have found the perfect solution to make your little one feel like they run the kitchen, too. These Fourth of July fruit wands are a great way to promote healthy and fun eating habits in children. The best part? They only require 3 materials!


Although to most kids a holiday doesn’t signify a time to learn, these activities are sure to get your tiny historians excited not only for future holidays but future opportunities to learn about why we get to celebrate! For more easy and collaborative learning opportunities for your family, visit the Learning Liftoff website. If you like helping support and being involved with your child’s learning, check out Stride K12 and see if online schooling is right for you.

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