6 Free and Fun Hobby Ideas

Most of us have something we enjoy doing in our free time, but, more often than not, our hobbies require funding. If you’re looking for a free and fun activity to add to your repertoire, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got six free and fun hobby ideas that anyone can enjoy!


Turning trash into treasure by recycling items that don’t have a current use is a hip hobby idea for DIYers. Instead of tossing or donating stuff, think of something you need, and then try to marry the two. I have a bunch of old clothing I was planning on donating, but my dog is in need of some new chew toys. This resulted in a new jean chew toy for my furry friend. Or, say you have some old boxes laying around, and you’re in need of a fun activity for your kids—try making a costume or a fort with the supplies you have!



Meditation is shown to improve concentration, self-control, participation, and respect for others. Basically, it’s a great hobby idea for anyone! Set aside some time for yourself in a calm environment, then you can follow a short, guided meditation or challenge yourself to try a long, independent practice. Either way, you can focus on finding your Zen.


Whether you’re a mountain climber or enjoy local parks and trails, hiking is a great hobby idea to get your body moving! You can make it a solo adventure or bring friends for an outdoor activity. Simply enjoy the great outdoors or start a journal about all of the things you see on your journey, and I’m sure you’ll note something new and exciting with every trip you take.

Start a Book Club

Reading can take you to faraway places, introduce new friends, and increase vocabulary and grammar skills, so why not get a group of friends together to enjoy a new book? You can have group reading sessions with a book you already own or share one book with a few friends to make this hobby idea completely free. This may require more time and effort depending on the frequency of meetings, but I can assure you that the payoff will be tremendous.

Become an Artist

Whether it’s paint, pencils, markers, or crayons, it’s likely you have the supplies for this hobby idea somewhere around your house. If you’re not confident in your skills, start off with a coloring book. Next, you can try sketching a still portrait of something you see, or you can just get creative on a blank piece of paper. You don’t even have to use “typical” art supplies. You can paint a mug or a piece of furniture—anything!

Send Letters

Getting a piece of mail that’s handwritten can really brighten anyone’s day, so why not take on a new hobby of making people smile? You can send a letter to a family member or a friend, or you can honor a veteran or write to a senior citizen in a nursing home. Whomever you decide to write to, know that the time and effort you’re putting into your letter has the potential to really touch their hearts.

Have more ideas for fun and free hobbies? Leave a comment below.

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