K12 Reveals the Winners of the 2019 ‘Subject Matters’ Poetry Contest

Recently, K12 held a poetry contest in which students were encouraged to submit their original poems that related to the contest theme, “Subject Matters.” More than 300 students in kindergarten through 12th grade entered the contest to write poems featuring their favorite school subject. The submissions highlight the talent and creativity of K12-powered students.

View our online collection of participants, and see the fantastic submissions we received this year.

The winners have been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:

[divider]Best Overall[/divider]

Iris J., OHVA, MathElaSciTechArtSocHist


First Place, Ezekiel M., OHVA, Math is the Best!

Second Place, Lily R., OHVA, The Arts

Third Place, Poanu M., ALVA, I love Science

[divider]First Grade[/divider]

First Place, Josiah S., FLCCA, The Art King.

Second Place, Aidric B., NCVA, Literature

Third Place, Zoey S., OHVA, I Like Art

[divider]Second Grade[/divider]

First Place, Eva G., Insight PA, Music is my Heartbeat

Second Place, Bayan M., Osceola Virtual School, Reading is my favorite Thing to do

Third Place, Emily J., CASC, CASC Fun

[divider]Third Grade[/divider]

First Place, Addison B., OHVA, Art Love

Second Place, Noah E., CAVA, History

Third Place, Naomi P., CASC, Favorites to Me

[divider]Fourth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Jynxzie M., K12 Independent Course Studies, My Story, Ourstory

Second Place, Mya W., OHVA, Stars

Third Place, Keira D., IDVAArt and Imagination

[divider]Fifth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Keelah J., CASC, Red, White, and Blue Victory

Second Place, Zahraa A., MGLVA, The Canvas and Paintbrush

Third Place, Elianna C., IDVA, The Gift of Math

[divider]Sixth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Isabella W., OHVA, Impression Art

Second Place, Timothy M., FLCCAThe Coolness of Science

Third Place, Malak S., MGLVA, The Wonderful World of Science!

[divider]Seventh Grade[/divider]

First Place, Carissa T., IDVA, Lost in History

Second Place, Natalia C., GCA, The Power of a Book

Third Place, Mariana S., MGLVA, Our World’s History

[divider]Eighth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Samantha K., TOPS, An Adventure for the Wanderer’s Mind

Second Place, Rylee L., TOPS, Math

Third Place, Dawson C., WAVA – Omak, Which Class is Best?

[divider]Ninth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Shyenne S., NVVAMy Love for Mathematics

Second Place, Sunii Young., ALVAHere I Sit

Third Place, Elizabeth B., VAVA, Telling a Story with Art and Writing

[divider]Tenth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Eberechukwu A., TOPS, The Journey of a Boy Through Time

Second Place, Chloe R., ARVA, Writers and Artists

Third Place, Taylor W., OHVA, Writing My World

[divider]Eleventh Grade[/divider]

First Place, Vrindavan S., AZVA, Lighting Wishes

Second Place, Trinity H., MNVA, The Composition of Creation

Third Place, Laurelle B., IAVA, Tales of Time

[divider]Twelfth Grade[/divider]

First Place, Kourtney M., TXVA, Coins

Second Place, Jacob G., NMVA, Welcome to NMVA

Third Place, Raegan R., IDVAMythology of Old

Thank you for celebrating poetry with us this year and for sharing your favorite school subject. We look forward to reading your submissions for next year’s poetry contest.

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