How to Use ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ Resources Today

Minecraft is such a popular game that it has already broken 12 world records. The game became successful because it is so much fun to play. With Minecraft’s flexibility, players can use blocks to build practically anything they can imagine.

Recently, Learning Liftoff announced that Microsoft will be releasing a new Minecraft: Education Edition this summer as a tool for teachers to incorporate this popular game into their lessons.

But, you don’t have to wait for the release of Minecraft: Education Edition to take advantage of Minecraft as an educational tool for your child. Keep reading to find out what resources your student can use today!

What Can Minecraft Teach Kids?

Minecraft is best used for teaching kids the following STEM-related subjects:

The game, however, can also teach kids about subjects that may not be as apparent. For instance, you can use it to teach your children about history and literature. It can also encourage them to develop spatial reasoning skills that will come in handy not only when taking standardized tests, but when trying to solve problems in the real world.

Minecraft Starter Lessons

If you want to introduce your kids to a more focused educational use of Minecraft, then the Minecraft: Education Edition Starter Lessons are a great place to start. Here’s an overview of the Starter Lessons that are available now on the Minecraft site:

lodge-newRedstone Lodge

Redstone Lodge introduces kids to the electrical engineer principles and logic gates used in the Minecraft game. It even shows them how to compose music to make the game more interesting. By developing their own inventions, your kids can gain a lot of knowledge that they can use in the real world.

Artemis1Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis does more than just let kids explore one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It also exposes them to poetry, history, and architectural styles that were common to the ancient Greeks.

Great-PyramidsGreat Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids of Giza starter lesson explores the Great Pyramids to teach kids the fundamentals of engineering. They’ll encounter many of the same challenges that confronted the Egyptians when they designed and constructed the pyramids.

monsterPixel Art

The Pixel Art starter lesson is a primer on visual art and reading comprehension. The lesson encourages them to make their own pixel art as well as use texts to decode what they should design.

Anderson-Shelter1Anderson Shelters

The Anderson Shelters lesson uses a popular type of WWII bomb shelter to teach players about physics and engineering. It’s also a lot of fun—especially for kids who like the idea of blowing up structures with TNT cannons.

Getting the Most out of Minecraft

You will need to get involved to really take advantage of Minecraft as an educational tool for your children. Don’t expect them to commit to challenging projects on their own if they’re busy building their own projects.

Simply playing the game with your kids could help them see more adventurous opportunities. Encourage them to plan their construction projects ahead of time to stimulate their imaginations and get them to follow complex directions.

You may also want to discuss Minecraft projects with your kids to highlight educational lessons in the game. Your child may not understand that the Great Pyramids of Giza are real structures in Egypt. By discussing the game, you can teach them about Egyptian history and culture. You can also encourage them to think creatively to see if they can imagine ways ancient people might have built such impressive structures.

Minecraft has the potential to teach children about a wide range of subjects. One of the best things about it, though, is that kids will actually have fun while learning. This is a breakthrough for anyone who has a kid who hates going to school. Suddenly, you have a way to show him or her that learning is both important and fun.

If you are looking for new ways to get your child truly engaged in education, take a look at what an online school environment has to offer. This alternative school choice has been a successful option for a variety of students.

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