Online Schooling Helps Accentuate Students’ Strengths

Having Stage 5 kidney failure, Tara Urbanek couldn’t spend much time with her children. But after being hospitalized 14 times in one year and on dialysis four hours per day, she miraculously began to get better. It was after this that she decided to finally spend more time with her kids. She did that by enrolling them in K12 partner school Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA).

In addition to getting to spend more time together as a family, the Urbaneks love OHVA because of the flexibility they have in their daily school schedule. Instead of “go go go,” Tara says that they can have a calm morning routine without the stress of rushing around and then take the day as it comes. They’re even able to spend family time in the middle of the day.

Tara says that OHVA helps her kids blossom in their areas of strength and interest:

“It enhances the attributes that your children have. So if your child has more artistic ability, maybe math, they are able to enhance that. That’s huge. No child is alike. You’re giving children an opportunity to grow from their strength.”

Her daughter Alexandria tends to move fast through her schoolwork. As an avid reader, she then takes the rest of the time to fly through books. Her son Stefan loves to build things, so he enjoys the time he gets to do experiments and hands-on activities.

In fact, Stefan loves LEGOs and is in a LEGO club. Together with his sister, Stefan created this fantastic animated LEGO video about their experience with their online school:

[embedvideo id=”LFg-93Os0Hw?rel=0″ website=”youtube”]

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