K12 Celebrates Learning Coaches

K12 invites students, friends, and family to help us celebrate our Learning Coaches during our annual Learning Coach Appreciation extravaganza!

Learning Coach Appreciation gives students the opportunity to show how much they value the patience, dedication, and support they receive from their Learning Coaches. Learning Coaches—who may be moms, dads, step-parents, grandparents, or legal guardians—are a significant part of online students’ educational support team!

There’s no doubt parents put their children first, and parents who have chosen online education for their families have reached a unique level of support and commitment that will make a lasting impression on their children’s lives.

Learning Coaches inspire students, they put their faith is them, make them feel special, and make them feel that there is nothing they can’t do.

If you’re an online student,* we invite you to participate in this opportunity to show your appreciation for your Learning Coach. And if you are a Learning Coach for your student, please prompt your student to think about the influence and impact your role as Learning Coach has had on their academic development. Ask them to reflect on the opportunities and inspiration they’ve gained from online learning thanks to your support. And then share it by creating artwork, a poem, a song, or any other creative expression.

Get started by:

  1. Visiting stories.k12.com
  2. Create:
    1. Artwork
    2. Video
    3. Written Expression
    4. Act of Kindness

That’s right, participants can show their appreciation in any way they’d like! Whether by illustrating a heart filled with words that come to mind when they think of their Learning Coach; creating a video where they can sing, dance, or shout to the world how appreciative they feel; getting a good grade and dedicating their A+/100 to their coach; or something else entirely. Let them thank their Learning Coaches in every way possible!

This special appreciation campaign concludes on Friday, April 3, 2020.

For complete details and official rules, click here. Questions? Email stories@k12.com

* Students under the age of 13 who wish to participate must have their parent or legal guardian upload the submission.

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