Class Acts: Graduate Early with Online Education

This series, Class Acts, features inspiring online education graduates with promising futures and showcases how individualized, award-winning curriculum and technology enabled these students’ success.

In first grade, Hannah’s parents found out that she was legally blind and dyslexic. She didn’t want to draw attention to her impairments, so she rarely asked for help, and, consequently, started to fall behind. She struggled through the following years, and continuously felt as though her teachers were unable to give her ample help to keep up with the class, let alone get ahead. To make matters worse, Hannah became really sick in her sophomore year, and started to miss more school than her educational career could afford.

It was time for a change.

Hannah reached out for help and her friend Eric told her about online education with K12. He too started using the program because his brick-and-mortar school was not providing the individualized learning plan he needed. Shortly thereafter, Hannah enrolled in K12’s Insight School of Washington and started her junior year.

Not only did her educational scenery change, but so did her grades. Hannah’s teacher, Laura H., introduced her to online books, so that she had both visual and audio learning methods implemented at once to help with her dyslexia.

Hannah was able to advance her educational career so much, that she was able to graduate early in June 2013.

In January 2014, Hannah started attending Seattle Pacific University and studying secondary special education as part of her plan to become a special education high school teacher for ISWA. She says “Insight showed [her] what a good teacher looks like, and they helped [her] learn different ways to teach to [her] future students in ways that are effective for them.” She plans on fighting for students in situations similar to her own, and turning the statistics around so that they too have a chance of going to college and succeeding.

Hannah thanks ISWA for “showing [her] the potential she has, and giving [her] the strength to go on and do what [she] loves.”

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