Meaning and Magic: Holiday and Winter Tips and Fun Facts

Though the holiday and winter season is often filled with a lot of meaning and magic, from special family celebrations to the wonder of a snowy day, getting through the cold and busy months can be perplexing and difficult. We’ve put together some articles about how to make life easier as well as understanding behaviors or traditions. Plus, K12’s Dan Franck offers a glimpse into scientific strategies for survival and the secret to the beauty of snowflakes. Read on to learn some interesting and useful holiday and winter tips and fun facts:

How to Survive Holiday Travel with Kids

With a little planning, you can sidestep avoidable holiday travel drama this year. Read more


4 Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

There are some intentional ways to approach the holiday season so it is, indeed, a happy time of meaning and magic for you and your kids. Read more

Sometimes the holiday season is not so merry, but here are 5 tips for reducing holiday stress so it is, indeed, a bright spot in the year.

The Surprising Story Behind Santa Trackers

Learn all about how the idea of charting the flight of the jolly old elf with the latest in technology came to be. Read more


Christmas with Sherlock Holmes and Other Literary Characters

Some of our other favorite literary characters exemplified the Christmas spirit and engaged in their own celebratory customs. Read more


The Science of Snowflakes

Discover the mystery of how some of nature’s most beautiful designs are created. Read more


How Animals Survive Winter

K12 Science Director Dan Franck shares the fascinating tactics some creatures use as they go about the business of preparing for the cold. Read more

(In another piece, Dr. Franck also tells us all about how trees use their trunks to remain alive and flourish in the spring.)


Are Snow Days a Thing of the Past?

Snow days can pose some serious challenges to students and families that are alleviated when you’re part of an online school. Read more

Snow days can mean an unexpected day off, but for students learning online it could just be something they learn about in their history lessons. Read how.

Are You Raising an Ungrateful Child? 7 Tips for Teaching Gratitude

Gratitude often doesn’t come naturally. Try these tips for teaching your child to be thankful during the holidays and throughout the New Year. Read more


Be sure to share these holiday and winter tips with your friends and let them know that we’ve got plenty of articles on how to add more meaning and magic to your holiday season!

Featured Image Credit – Ben Grey / CC by 2.0

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