Meaning and Magic: Holiday and Winter Activities

Our holiday articles have all been authored with the intention of helping you and your kids learn and grow together, during a season that’s filled with meaning and magic. The days off from school offer the promise of safe, family fun and we hope the following holiday and winter activities spark some merry moments of togetherness for you and your family.

5 DIY Christmas Cards

Whether you send them in the mail or attach them to each present, Christmas cards add a personal touch that will be cherished for years to come. Try these five DIY Christmas card ideas for a heartfelt and creative holiday activity. Read More

Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks for the top five DIY Christmas cards to create this weekend, December 5 – 7.

DIY Christmas Gifts, Decorations, and Displays

For those of you looking for some holiday inspiration, check out five of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts, decorations, and displays to bring the holidays into your home. Read More

5 of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts, decorations, and displays to bring the holidays into your home.

Your Guide to Snow and Winter Safety

If you live somewhere that receives snow, building snow forts and having snowball fights are some of the most fun outdoor activities. Keep your winter season filled with meaning and magic rather than avoidable accidents by following these winter safety tips. Read More


5 Ways Your Family Can Give Back and Volunteer This Season

If you are looking to spread meaning and magic beyond your household this winter, check out these five ways you and your family can give back and volunteer this holiday season. Read More


Santa Claus: Origins and Traditions

Learn about the “jolly old elf’s” origins and also about different versions of Santa and Christmas around the world. Read More

Meaning and Magic: Holiday Recipes

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite holiday recipes, from meals to warm everyone up on a cold winter’s night to simple but exciting party platters, and everyone’s favorite holiday indulgence-cookies! Read More


11 Favorite Holiday Books for Kids

This holiday season, we’re remembering our favorite books written about this meaningful and magical time of year. Read More


10 Great Holiday Movies for Kids

We picked five of our favorite holiday movies and then asked our readers to pick their favorites, to compile this list of the 10 best holiday movies. Read More


Fun Educational Holiday Activities for Kids

Try some of these fun and educational holiday activities with your kids to keep busy and learning all season long. Read More

holiday activities

Learn Holiday Songs from Taylor Swift and Other Fun Resources

If you’re looking to teach your kids some great classics of the season, YouTube is a fantastic resource. Read More


Top 10 Educational Holiday Kids Crafts

There are so many great activities for you and your family to participate in this time of year, so we rounded up ten of our favorite educational holiday kids crafts, broken down by educational subject, so there’s something for every interest. Read More

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite educational holiday kids crafts, broken down by educational subject so there's something for every interest.

11 Fun Winter Break Activities

Check out these 11 winter break activities to keep kids engaged and learning, without it seeming like a chore. Read More

Be sure to share which winter activities your family enjoyed together!

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