Meaning and Magic: Holiday Recipes

We’ve got a slew of articles planned to help you and your kids learn and grow together during a holiday season that’s filled with meaning and magic for your family. Holiday recipes are always a big part of the season. So we’ve gathered a few, from meals to warm everyone up on a cold winter’s night, to simple but exciting party platters and everyone’s favorite holiday indulgence-cookies! And, since winter months are always made better with good food at the table that the whole family enjoys, we chose recipes that you’ll find useful into the new year as well. Teaching children how to prepare a new recipe or just involving them in your daily routine can reap big benefits. We hope the following holiday recipes inspire some quality time in the kitchen with your family:

4 Winter Warmup Recipes

Bring your family in the kitchen and help them warm up on the inside with these cold weather recipes. Read more

holiday recipes

7 Easy Appetizer and Party Snack Ideas

These recipes are simple kid and crowd pleasers that are a little more exciting than the standard veggie tray. Read more

holiday recipes

Our 4 Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

Round up your little bakers, and try these four delicious recipes guaranteed to educate, amuse, and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Read more

holiday recipes

Image Credit – Stacy Spensley / CC by 2.0

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