Meaning and Magic: Checking Off Your Holiday Gift List

We’ve got a slew of articles planned to help you and your kids learn and grow together during a holiday season that’s filled with meaning and magic for your family. The following are a few ideas to inspire your search for meaningful gifts, including options from companies that donate a portion of profits to a good cause, to popular toys, and presents that don’t require wrapping. Read on for some wonderful ideas to help you check off your list:

Gifts That Give Something Back

Several companies offer great gift ideas that give something back, often to the communities that create their products. It’s like giving two gifts in one! Read more


Educational Toys: 10 Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

We’ve rounded up the greatest and most popular educational toys, gifts, and mobile apps to help you in your quest for the perfect gift for the children in your life this holiday season. Read more


Alternative Gift Giving Ideas

Giving a gift that doesn’t come in a box or fit under a tree can be just as fulfilling as traditional presents, if not more. Read more


DIY Christmas Gifts, Decorations, and Displays

We have five great ideas for how to bring the holidays into your home and make creative gifts. Read more

5 of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts, decorations, and displays to bring the holidays into your home.

Featured Image Credit – allnightavenue / CC by 2.0


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