6 Amazingly Fun and Free Educational Apps for Kids

If you’ve ever been around a child, chances are you’ve been asked, “Do you have any games on your phone?” Whether it’s to fill some of your kid’s free time or to keep them occupied while we finish cooking dinner, sometimes we just have to hand over the phone and let them play! Next time you give your kiddo the phone, make sure those games they’re looking for are educational with these 6 amazingly fun and free educational apps for kids:


1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a wonderfully fun app to get your kiddo an extra boost of learning, and it’s 100% free with no ads! With the adorable little characters like Kodi the Bear, Ollo the Elephant, and Peck the Bird, your child is sure to find all of the resources they need to complete the games and activities featured on the app. The app offers activities in counting, reading, geometry, and letters. Not to mention, Khan Academy is a great resource that many use as a study tool even in high school!


2. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS Games is an interactive software that allows your kids to play with the characters from their favorite shows! Whether they want to play with Scribbles and Ink or Matt from Cyberchase, they’ll have tons of fun learning about important concepts like recycling and foundational tools like spelling.


3. PBS KIDS Video

PBS KIDS Video brings your kids’ favorite part of school back home! This app offers a variety of shows for your little one to enjoy, regardless of their interests! With shows as old as “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” to the new “Donkey Hodie,” your kid will love getting to watch the videos they once thought only came at school.


4. Endless Reader

Endless Reader is an amazing tool to help your child with their sight words. Allowing each kid to spell, sound out, and see each sight word in a sentence, it’s the perfect way to get your kid honing in on their English skills! It features a-z sight words to help your little learner keep learning language. Once your child finishes their level 1 pack of words, Endless Reader offers a variety more sight word packs for purchase to keep your kiddo reading.


5. Duolingo

Want your child to get a headstart on learning their second language? Duolingo might be the perfect app for your family! Many middle and high schools have a language requirement for their students. Get your child ahead of the game in whatever language they want, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more! Offering small daily activities, Duolingo is a great way for you and your kid to practice a new language together!


6. Brain Pop

Brain Pop, a staple show for many school screens, doesn’t just have to be a school resource! The Brain Pop app offers a free video and quiz for your child every single day. Each day’s video content can vary from informing children on the French Revolution all the way to climate change! Get your kid learning some of the most important content they can know today with Brain Pop! Brain Pop also makes a version for younger kids called Brain Pop Jr!


So, there you have it! Six awesome kids’ apps for the next time your little one is reaching for your phone. If you liked reading about helpful parenting tools, check out the rest of the Learning Liftoff website for other great articles such as 10 Best Apps for Teens and 10 Best Apps for Homeschooling Parents. For parents looking for a great app, consider downloading the Stride K12 app to track your child’s enrollment and progress in a Stride K12-powered school.


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