Keep Young Writers Energized with Summer Writing Prompts

Learning loss is still a top concern when summer rolls around the bend. Particularly in early development, maintaining language skills is critical, so your child is ready to learn in September. Whether it’s reading, listening, or writing, knowing how to communicate effectively and comprehension are paramount, even as the season’s outdoor fun calls. Learning in the summer doesn’t have to feel like school, however.  

Leaning into the natural fun of the season makes for a simple tool to separate the learning from school and helps make it feel more like a part of the vacation. With the natural beauty the sun brings and the addition of a trip to the beach or sprinkler, summer presents an opportunity for creative writing descriptors. Before your child runs out the door, try having them observe the scenery around them. Sensory observation is a terrific way to get excited about creative writing. Maybe they’ll notice the smell of sunscreen or feel the prickly fresh-cut grass. Observing and describing can make the season even more magical. Need a place to start? Below are some summer-inspired writing prompts to get the creativity flowing and the pencils moving.  

  • Imagine summer is only a day long. How would you spend it?  
  • Does your family have summer traditions? Write about what they mean to you and what makes them a summer activity.  
  • Sit outside and use all five senses to describe the nature around you. What does it smell like? What do things around you feel like? 
  • Imagine your ideal summer camp. What activities are on the schedule? What foods are you eating? What are you wearing? 
  • Make up a story you would tell around a campfire.  
  • Imagine your hometown is the next big summer vacation spot. Where would you take visitors to experience where you live? 
  • It’s the hottest day of the year. How are you staying cool?  
  • Your dream ice cream truck is in town. Describe what summer treats its selling. What’s your order? How does it taste? 
  • You’re swimming in a pool. Describe the movement of your arms, head, and legs while you swim.  
  • Contrast your dream summer day with your dream winter day. How are they different?  
  • You write the song of the summer. What emotions do you feel when you hear it? How does it feel like summer? 
  • You’re going on a summer camping trip. What are you packing? Who’s coming with you? 
  • Imagine you live on a tropical island. What does your day look like? What animals will you encounter?  
  • Write about your favorite summer memory. What made it special? Why was it memorable? 
  • Imagine an animal—maybe it’s a rabbit, a frog, or fish— you’ve seen outside recently was able to talk to you. What are their favorite parts of summer? How is their experience different than yours?  


Writing prompts are a wonderful way to get your child excited about school! Consider enrolling your child in a Stride K12 school and see what we have to offer.  

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