Back-to-School: Meal Planning Made Simple

Food. Clothing. Shelter. Of the three essentials for human life let’s face it, food is the most awesome.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And there’s no reason you can’t make some memories while making eggs. Lunch time is break time, so while you munch take a moment to digest what you’ve learned and figure out the rest of the day.

In that stretch between lunch and dinner, keep kids motivated with fun and healthful snacks. Finally, there’s dinner, and lots of kids love to be involved, not just in deciding what to eat, but making it, too!

Easy Meals to Get Kids Fueled and Educated

Best Breakfasts for Kids’ Brains

Easy Lunches for Learning Day

Super Snack Ideas

5 Strategies for Successful Family Dinners

Be sure to check out the rest of our Back-to-School guides as well as share any meal planning tips of your own!

Image Credit:  Liz CC by 2.0

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