5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day is most often thought of as a day for couples to celebrate their love for one another. However, it can be a day to show love to everyone! Here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids.


1. Craft

Doing a craft with kids can be such a fun way to show them love. You get to interact with them, and they can make something special. An easy craft you can do with your kids is salt dough hearts. They are really easy to make, and you can write little love messages on them. Another fun activity is LEGO valentines. You can spell out the word love or create a heart. Just as with any LEGO activity the possibilities are endless.


Photo by: Little Bins for Little Hands

2. Snack

There are no two things that go better together than kids and snacks! A Valentine’s trail mix snack is not only the perfect on-theme snack, but also something you can make with your kids. They will love being a part of the snack making process and the eating afterwards. Another quick, easy, healthy, and perfect themed snack is fruit wands. Just use a small heart shaped cutter and wood skewers and you will have a great Valentine’s Day snack in minutes.


Photo by: A Few Short Cuts

3. Valentine’s Day Card Box

What is Valentine’s Day for a child without a super cute card box to collect all their Valentines? There are so many fun and creative ideas for a card box. You can make a , which is not only awesome it is very easy.  Another fun and easy box is the Valentine’s Monster. For the unicorn lover, this is another great box that looks impressive but is easy to create.



Photo by: Ski to my Lou

4. Valentine’s Suggestions

Now that the card boxes are made, we can move on the main event of Valentine’s Day for kids—the actual Valentine. There are so many great options out there! If you are looking for a non-candy Valentine, check out pop-its. Pop-its are very popular right now, and you can order a printable tag as well as a set of pop-its for the perfect Valentine.  Another great non-candy option is bubbles. There are so many cute ways to package them, and they are easy and a crowd pleaser.

Photo by: Diana Miller

5. Desserts

Finally, if you are planning the perfect Valentine’s for your kids, including dessert is sure to be the cherry on top. A fun dessert charcuterie can be a great choice. They look awesome, and you can buy everything you include. If you want to make the charcuterie board fancier, a great option is chocolate covered strawberries, you can even get your kids in on the fun of making them. Another fun and colorful option is a fruit pizza —its heart shape and pretty colors are the prefect way to end Valentine’s Day.

Photo by: Mama Cheaps


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