11 Awesome Halloween Treats You Can Make With Your Kids

If you and your kids enjoyed our list of fun Halloween crafts, you’ll love these to die for Halloween treats. There are many educational benefits of cooking with your kids and most of the Halloween snacks below are easy enough to whip up as a family. Even better, many of these ghostly goodies are healthy alternatives to the typical cavity-inducing Halloween treats.

1. Boo-nanas and Pumpkin Oranges

A simple and healthy Halloween-themed snack, all you need are bananas, oranges, chocolate chips, and some celery!

Halloween Treats: Boo-nanas and Pumpkin Oranges

Via Suzaane Brand on Trusper

2. Pretzel Pumpkins

Who doesn’t love the salty sweet goodness provided by chocolate-covered pretzels? These pretzel pumpkins are festive and simple to make.

Halloween Treats: Pretzel Pumpkins
via highheelsandgrills.com

3. Mandarin Orange Pumpkin Cups

Ok, not a whole lot of effort has to go into these pumpkin cups, but they’re adorable and a fun way to feed your kids a healthy Halloween treat on-the-go.

Halloween Treats: Jack-o-Lantern Orange Cups
via pimpmydinner.blogspot.com

4. Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups with Oreo Full Moons

One of the more creative items we found, you only need a few ingredients to make this pumpkin patch scene with an Oreo full-moon.

Halloween Treats: Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups

via bubblynaturecreations.com

5. Strawberry Ghosts

Chocolate-covered strawberries are another favorite for many people, and with a few mini chocolate chips you can turn these treats into spiky-haired ghosts.

Halloween Treats: Strawberry Ghostsvia candiquik.com

6. Witch Brooms

Pretzel sticks and peanut butter cups — your kids will love these simple snacks.

Halloween Treats: Peanut Butter Cup Witch Brooms

via couponingtodisney.com

 7. Monster Mouths

Need fun and creative ways to get your kids to eat healthy snacks? Try these monster mouths using nothing but apple slices and almond slivers. Add a side of caramel for dipping (or not if you want to avoid the added sugar) and serve.

Halloween Treats: Monster Mouths

via snixykitchen.com

8. Frightful Fruit Kebabs

Using a few select items like fruit, melons, and marshmallows or a variety of other foods, plus a little icing, you can make these kebabs out of most anything you want to serve your little monsters. What a fun way to spice up any snack tray!

Halloween Treats: Frightful Fruit Kebabs

via sheknows.com

9. Goldfish Filled Jack-o-Lantern Bags

Another super-simple idea for creating a Halloween-themed treat in just minutes. All these require are gold fish (or any orange colored snackable item), small snack bags, a black marker, and string to tie the bags closed.

Halloween Treats: Goldfish Pumpkin Bags

via 100directions.com

10. Apple Mummies

Another healthy treat requiring very few ingredients and very little time, these apple mummies are a great way to make eating fruit fun for kids. Add a peanut butter or caramel dip for an extra boost in the “treat” department and your kids will love them.

Halloween Treats: Apple Mummies

11. Monster Melon

Hosting a Halloween party this year? If so, this tray, made to look like a monster, is a great and spooky way to serve fruit.

Halloween Treats: Monster Melon

via listotic.com

Do you love celebrating Halloween with your kids? From trick-or-treat safety tips to costume ideas, Learning Liftoff has you covered!

Image Credit – Tim Pierce / CC by 2.0

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