7 Easy Homemade Kids’ Valentine’s Cards and Gifts

Ask kids what they think Valentine’s Day means, and they’ll probably tell you cards, candy, and hearts. But the day can also be an opportunity for kids to learn about love, kindness, and gratitude. Many schools and parents already encourage kids to share cards with all their classmates so no one will feel left out. This suggestion reminds children to consider everyone’s feelings and that not doing so may have unintended consequences.

And, if kids can take the time to make homemade cards and gifts to share with their family, friends, and those who help make their lives better—like teachers, bus drivers, doctors, etc.—they may also learn a lesson in gratitude and valuing relationships.

So, take advantage of this heart-filled day to teach your kids a lesson in kindness. Try some of these fun and easy homemade kids’ Valentine’s cards and gifts that will spread the love and make the day more meaningful for all.

Valentine’s Photo Card

 photos of kids holding valentines

Via The Artful Parent

Combining your child’s homemade Valentine’s greeting with a photo makes this an extra-special gift that recipients will want to keep. Simply take a photo of your child holding a Valentine’s Day heart or other artwork they’ve created (it’s a bonus that they only have to make one piece of artwork for many gifts). The artwork can include the Happy Valentine’s Day greeting, or you can add it to the photo using photo-editing software. Then print out the photos and you’re done! Or, include the photo in a plastic baggie with candy or another treat, as The Artful Parent did, for an added gift.

Secret Message Cards

heart shaped cards with message under paintVia Better Homes and Gardens

This is a fun homemade card that parents can also give to kids. Mom or Dad can write a short message with white crayon on a white cutout heart and then give to the kids with some watercolor paints. When the kids paint the heart, the secret message appears. Kids will also enjoy creating cards for their friends in this unique way.

Hand-Shaped Valentine’s Day Cards

hand cutouts with written messagesVia Martha Stewart

This is the kind of card family members will want to hold on to, so they can look back years later and marvel at how little those hands really were. It’s easy, too. Simply trace your child’s hand on construction paper, cut it out, and have them write their own Valentine greeting on it. You can use a thicker paper first as a template and cut the rest from that one.

Blooming Heart Lollipops

lollipops pasted to hearts with stems like flowersVia Pottery Barn Kids

Here’s a nice way to combine a handmade craft with a treat for classmates. Turn a lollipop into a heart turned into a flower, lots of transformations happening here. You’ll just need some pink and green colored paper and, with a little cutting and taping, you’ll have some blooming hearts.

Heart Photo Frame

frame with hearts surrounding itVia Activity Village

Purchasing the pre-cut foam hearts makes this an easy gift to make and the photo inside makes it meaningful. Just purchase the hearts in a few sizes and colors. The hearts glued together make the frame, and your small photo can be taped inside. Add a magnet to the back to make it a fun fridge pic. Think about giving this gift to family members and use special photos for each one.

Paper Airplane Valentine

paper airplane with Happy Valentine's Day message

Via NoBiggie.net

Here’s a card that’s as much fun to send as it is to receive! And, it comes special delivery with a touch of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education included. You and the kids can make several cards in a short time and add a fun message inside, such as the clever, “You make my heart SOAR.”

Heart Pencil Toppers

pencil with heart shape on topVia Red Ted Art

These fun heart-topped pencils will make a quick and easy gift for the whole class, and kids will enjoy using them. And, it’s fun to go old-school with this gift, no batteries or chargers required. Plus, it has a nice educational theme.

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