5 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for kids to have fun with crafts and activities, but it can be a bit overwhelming, too. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas to make your prep for the lovely holiday a bit simpler.

Valentine’s Day Countdown

Kids can have fun anticipating Valentine’s Day with fourteen small celebrations in the days leading up to the holiday. Or vary this activity by having kids open their secret envelopes each day of the week during or after Valentine’s Day. You can fill each envelope with a love quote, a fun activity to do together, sweet treats, and so much more. These make for great opportunities for everyone to participate in and share in the season of love.

Customized Blocks

Personalized crafts are so much fun to reminisce and appreciate all of the memories you’ve made. Use blocks or boxes, and share some of your favorite photos. Add letters for an extra dose of L-O-V-E.

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Cookies are another great (and easy!) gift for anyone to have as a yummy reminder of your love. Use sprinkles and other delicious decorating techniques to spread your love this Valentine’s Day!

Chalkboard Messages

Chalkboards offer a great learning opportunity for kids at any holiday. You can work on handwriting, colors, shapes, and more! The best part? There are no mistakes when it comes to chalkboards—simply wash it off, and try again!

Mason Jar Treats

Mason jars are “in” right now, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to recycle them into something new. Just cover your jar with stickers, paint over it, and voilà—you now have a candy jar!. You can fill it with lights to use as a decoration, love notes for your sweetie, or whatever your heart desires.

Share your ideas for Valentine’s Day kids’ crafts and activities in the comments section.

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