5 iPhone and Android Apps for Family Game Night

Here at Learning Liftoff, we love games; board games, video games, computer games … We love anything that brings people together, or allows students to learn or think in a different way. So, here are a few mobile games that would make a perfect addition to your next family game night.


A very clever game that encourages team work. Set on a space ship, players will work together to accomplish various tasks. However you may be instructed to accomplish something you don’t have access to, so must shout out the commands to everyone else. Can you communicate effectively and get the proper instructions before your ship falls apart?

Ticket to Ride

One of the best board-to-mobile adaptations available on devices, this strategy game has local, online, and “pass-and-play” functionality to accommodate all types of play styles. Pick locations around the country and connect each by adding trains. This game can also be a fun way to learn a little geography as you connect locations. They also offer expansion packs, featuring regions around the world and different time periods.

Trivia Crack

There are two ways to play this game: the official way in which you actually compete against your friends or a random online opponent, and the unofficial way, where two people download the game and then work as a team to see how many questions they can answer. There are six categories, and this app allows you to submit your own trivia questions.


Heads Up Pictures

You may be aware of the popular game developed by Ellen DeGeneres: Heads up! BUT did you know there is another game for kids? Try and guess the word on the screen by acting out or describing the image without saying what the image is.

Jackbox Party Pack

This is one of my personal favorites. This pack offers five games that are easy to learn and a lot of fun. The big benefit to this game is that it’s cross platform because you go to a website vs. downloading an app, which means any device where you can access a browser will work.

Maybe more mobile games will mean more family fun at your next game night! Be sure to share your favorite games in the comments!

Featured Image via Facebook – HeadsUpApp

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